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  1. Littlesegall

    Sexy Sigs!

    Wait wait wait- Nate you want me to make you a naked sig for a porn forum? Is there anything specific? Any colors, size, or girl?
  2. Littlesegall

    Sexy Sigs!

    Thanks tox. I know the cutouts are bad but I'm really just not good at making selections.
  3. Littlesegall

    Brushing up on my flash

    Haha I love the suicide flash Connor. It's so random
  4. Littlesegall

    Sketchup help...

    Yea I'm actually pretty good at Sketchup. What do you need help with?
  5. Littlesegall

    Sexy Sigs!

    Here are 2 from my up-and-coming sig/avi set. There will be many more. Trust me. If you like on, I can customize it for you, just give me credit. Also you can request me a girl to make a siggy out of. Yes I know the sig is a little big but I'll tone it down when people ask for customization. Please comment and critique
  6. Littlesegall

    Something I made for TOXIC !

    It's funny how everyone except for Toxic has replied to this thread EDIT: crap never mind
  7. Littlesegall

    The Request Thread

    never mind I figured out I just save it is a .tiff silly me Thanks for everyone who offered help!
  8. Littlesegall

    The Request Thread

    I tried that but save for web and devices was grayed out
  9. Littlesegall

    The Request Thread

    No Toxic I'm trying to get rid of the white so let's say if I put it on this site then everything that is transparent will be gone, no filled in with white
  10. Littlesegall

    The Request Thread

    Ok, disregard the few posts below me. I just changed the name of my old help topic to make this one so I wouldn't clutter up the forum. But I digress. This thread is mainly for people who aren't really good at Photoshop and stuff of a similar matter. These said people can come to this thread and post a sig that they would like to see more of. For instance, It would be funny and cool to see someone make a Super Mario Galaxy sig and post it here. This is mainly just a fun thread to test yourself and see what others can do and also to use your imagination.
  11. Littlesegall

    The ^<v Game

    ^Totally does not <is the sexiest piece of man meat ever to walk to face of our terra firma v enjoys a good dirty sanchez every once in a while lol
  12. Littlesegall


    Huckleberry, thanks for using my Baywalk Hoodlums sig. Maybe you could give me some credit? lol
  13. Littlesegall

    Re-opening GFX!

    Hey everybody, I am re-opening my GFX shop. I actually just took a small course on it and I am pretty much a straight baller at at Photoshop. Just click my signature for my previous GFX. Those are not my best works, but they are some of them. PLEEAASSEE. Thanks!
  14. Littlesegall


    Yea, I guess you're all right. But I've never seen it likes this. Someone says a clincher, such as "O ok it's fine now" then the entire topic just shuts in on itself. Everyone who has had a siggy made for them has changed it to something else, and it seems nobody cares anymore. I know we still have life's, but part of my life is in this place, as I wish to become a graphic designer when I grow up, and this place is great practice and experience, and that isn't worth anything if it doesn't happen.
  15. Littlesegall


    Ok really. Has everybody died? There have been no requests in the shops, no new topics, no showcases, C'MON!! What do I have to do to reignite the spark? This place use to be so lively! TMâ„¢ posting his great works, Huckleberry Pie making his funny strawberryland GTA spoofs, and now it all went moosh. Please, help revive it!