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    Which of these games is better

    This is a hard choice for me to pick because I like all of the GTA's a lot. But I would have to say That I liked GTA: VC a little better, because you have more weapons to choose from not to mention the cars are a little cooler, and the fact that you get to drive a motorcycle in the game.
  2. yoshimitsu

    Favourite Console

    The Playstation 2 is my favorite game system. It may not produce as good graphics as the XBOX, but it does have games that are better.
  3. yoshimitsu


    Has anyone here heard about the new game comoing out for the playstation2. This game will supposedly be better than Halo. I can't wait for this game to come out because I want to see if the Developer really meant what they said when they said it will be better than Halo. This game is supposed to release sometime in October.
  4. yoshimitsu


    They are 2 different developers. Bungie develops Halo. Guerilla games is developing Killzone,
  5. yoshimitsu


    Yes, I am sure that this game will utilize all of the PS2's capabilities. I read it in a magazine. I think Geurilla games is a dutch developer im not sure. Oh by the way Guerilla Games is the developer for this game.
  6. yoshimitsu

    Red Faction II

    This game is really cool. The single player is good. The multiplayer is really awesome. You have a lot of cool guns that you can play with. I like how Volition used GeoMod technology for this game. I like how walls explode when you shoot them. I also like how the multiplayer mode has several senarios to choose from. I like Arena a lot. Deathmatch is cool also.
  7. yoshimitsu

    Red Faction

    This game is cool on single player but it is not that great on multiplayer. Its a pretty good game overall. Its not as great as Halo or anything like that. But it will satisfy your needs for a while.
  8. yoshimitsu


    You know you are actually supposed to get 3 limos outside your mansion after you complete the game 100%. I saw that on a web site. I like to mess with my bodyguards. I pay to have the body guards protect me and then i go get in a car and then don't let them in the car. I just drive fast enough to where they are right at the back bumper and i just keep going that speed and let them chase after me. Its funny to see your BG running behind you.
  9. yoshimitsu


    This is the game that is gonna use every bit of the PS2's capabilities. I think the graphics look really awesome. I like the lighting effects in this game too.
  10. yoshimitsu

    Which of these games is better

    It is a lot easier to get to the other island in Vice City than it is in III. I got to all the islands in Vice City without using cheats. It was easier than on GTA 3.
  11. yoshimitsu

    xbox or ps2

    I beat VC 100% A long time ago because I bought it for PS2 when it first came out. I would like to see what Vice City looks like on the XBOX and PC.
  12. yoshimitsu

    GTA VC

    It took me about 1 week and a half to complete vice city 100%. It's not hard to cmplete it 100% but it IS time consuming. I didnt have very much time to play during that week and a half. Maybe about 2 hours each day. But when I completed it it was awesome.