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  1. Sam


    i do remember u guys Lol, i feel so left out :'( J/K people, having a good crimbo?
  2. Ive been away for a while, sum people may remember me, sum may not. Howdy chris Are skylinh and the works still around ?? Peace, Sam
  3. ok, from now on, sigs = $200 // avatars = $75 //
  4. its internet, bt broadband 1mb, which is 20 times more powerful than 56k :-)
  5. somehow it worked for me finally.... cant remember what i did, i think its somethign in properties... Anyway, its the old tram pic thats all, but he seems to think he made it....
  6. my specs: 2.1ghz AMD Athlon XP Compaq 1024x768 (?) monitor Philips CD/DVD RW+ LG CD Writer Logitech Infrared Wireless MX700 mouse Crappy Keyboard Trust 1000p Soundwave Speakers (With Subwoofer) Geforce FX 5200 128mb graphics Onboard Sound 512 DDR Ram 120gb Seagate HD 1mb BT Broadband Net Lexmark Printer Canon Scanner Some HP £300 Digi Cam .... She runs smooth, and i can play UT2004 :-p Software: XP Pro Macromedia MX 2004 Photoshop 7 (And Elements 2) Winamp 5 Pro Some ejay stuff Acid Pro 4 Nero 6 Ultra Swift 3D 3 Games: (That i play) UT2004 C+C Generals All GTA Games Tiger Woods 2004 UT2003 Jedi Knight 3 Champ Man 4
  7. Ok, im lookin for cheap hosting, ive found one: http://www.cheapunlimitedhosting.com/hosti...ultidomain.html Whats used for this site? And what bandwith do i want? Im thinking of running a forum, on a gaming site.... Help please, $
  8. what ya think of this sig then guys?
  9. ok, now the bg have gone? can you only use them once??
  10. thanks, its made out of inverted pics of max and stuff... added some effects an that to, it looks cool though
  11. no, im just having trouble with PS 7 at the minute... sorry
  12. lmao, well, i to trust MTV, and it would be very similar to the older gta's, but theirs a slight problem... With hare krishnas, someones gonna sue using the racist card! And if R* are gonna get sued to hell, i doubt hare krishnas will show up
  13. depends..... whats the item?
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