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  1. Yea, its possible to get on the bridge that the train passes through, it's a little tricky though.
  2. Same here. I'd like to be able to stop the car, look left (or right) and shoot in different angles than just straight.
  3. I like Los Santos in Santa Maria beach, where you can own a house there, its nice. Then I like San Fierro because it looks cool. And then the Desert because of small towns, Area69 (spooky).
  4. In biking school the last one, god damn that one was a bitch. And the wrong side of the tracks, Big smoke shoots like he's mentally retarded. It took me like 50 tries before finally completing it.
  5. Four Dragons for some reason. Even though when your in debt the mafia chases you, even though you partially own it, shouldn't it be the Triads who chase you since they run the casino. But then again the Mafia used to control Las Vegas.
  6. Thanks! Well in a way I am. I've used Gimp for over a year and that was 1.5 years ago, then I got Photoshop CS and used it for a couple of months and now I have Photoshop CS3, so yes I'm still learning.
  7. I agree with Urban Legend, try some harder stuff. I enjoyed it nonetheless and good luck with your second vid!
  8. They update it once every couple of years. Im actually not sure the time interval in which they update, but its not like everyday.
  9. Well I have Photoshop CS3 (Extended) and Its soo frikin' cool! Well anyway, my username is Maddog-14 on a forum I manage with a friend, and I made a sig and avatar for my account there. There supposed to be grungy-ish. Sig Av NOTE: There is a border but its white and hard to see.
  10. Probably in the apartment you can buy thats close to your garage in San Fierro (the one across the street from the driving school), I'd sell cars!. But maybe in the desert in the abandoned airfield (Area 69, spooky).
  11. Its in Los Santos by the Rodeo area.
  12. Hey everyone. Im not really new here since I've been a member since 2005. I was just busy with other things, and then I got internet cancelled and yea..
  13. Nope, i have been in a relationship with this one girl for 2+ months now.
  14. New Sig + Avatar Avatar : Sig : Please comment!
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