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    CJ KO'ed by wall

    It does a solid obstacle check when he is in his run animation. So if you hold ALT (walk) as you move toward a wall it won't do the KO animation. But even if he does get hit, he just stands right back up so at that point you could jump the wall. Also since fences are not walls it does not react on them or objects such as cars. The solid check runs between 10 and 50 cm from the front of his body and could be adjusted. You should have no trouble running along walls or on top of them, just at them.
  2. ToonSkull

    CJ KO'ed by wall

    {$VERSION 3.1.0027} {$CLEO .cs} {CJ runs at any wall and smacks it, down he falls on his... well a bit more real than just jogging in place. Not as perfect as I would like it, CJ does tend to get a bit stuck after smacking into a wall. But you can still jump walls. It doesn't do any damage just another reality concept. Special thanks to nabnabnabn -> http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=466576&view=findpost&p=1060283039 Thanks to all those who helped in that thread. 1.7.2011 Vincent "ToonSkull" Black www.filefront.com/user/toonskull Binary file will be posted here soon.} thread 'kowall' :kowall_11 wait 0 if Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR) jf @kowall_11 04ED: load_animation "PED" :kowall_38 wait 0 if 04EE: animation "PED" loaded jf @kowall_38 //Makes sure we don't bump into stuff inside, only outside. :kowall_60 wait 0 077E: get_active_interior_to [email protected] if and [email protected] == 0 Actor.Animation($PLAYER_ACTOR) == "RUN_PLAYER" jf @kowall_60 04C4: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR with_offset 0.0 0.1 0.0 04C4: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR with_offset 0.0 0.5 0.0 if 86BD: not no_obstacles_between [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] and [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] solid 1 car 0 actor 0 object 0 particle 0 jf @kowall_60 0605: actor $PLAYER_ACTOR perform_animation_sequence "KO_SHOT_FACE" IFP_file "PED" 8.0 loop 0 0 0 0 time -1 // versionA :kowall_242 wait 0 if not Actor.Animation($PLAYER_ACTOR) == "KO_SHOT_FACE" jf @kowall_242 0605: actor $PLAYER_ACTOR perform_animation_sequence "GETUP" IFP_file "PED" 6.0 loop 0 0 0 0 time -1 // versionA :kowall_308 wait 0 if not Actor.Animation($PLAYER_ACTOR) == "GETUP" jf @kowall_308 jump @kowall_60
  3. The average desktop computer contains 5-10 times more computing power than was used to land a man on the moon.

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      I suppose you could with the math, enough dynamite, and a large metal bucket. ;)

    3. Miles Pedro Prower

      Miles Pedro Prower

      A'ight, but how many dynamite do I need?

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      Just get like, 10 trucks.

  4. ToonSkull

    [WIP|CON|SA] Tatra 603

    Huck, you are one sick puppy, I am of course talking about the soundtrack on your video. The car is uber cool, I assume you used Z-Modeler? I work in the Blender 3D more than anything else. I have a plugin to load GTA stuff but I don't know how it works or maybe I should say I can't work it very well. Ok I looked at yours you can go look at mine. I just uploaded a new mission menu CLEO script on this forum and mirrored here. Sorry I haven't been around since I am enjoying my Summer.
  5. ToonSkull

    i need these tools for gta sa editing

    SAAT GUI This will edit all the sounds in your GTA SA. It is a bit slow since it has to extract the sound then recompile it. Also the sound files are very touchy on size so take care when using it.
  6. ToonSkull

    plz help new at this

    You will need to purchase an Action Replay they run about $40 to $30 at most stores or you can buy them online. http://www.gamebay.com/ACTION_REPLAY_MAX_FOR_p/invof_801.htm Then you enter the code to unlock it. http://vgstrategies.about.com/od/playstation2codes/a/hotcoffeecodes.htm Otherwise you really need a PC version and a PC to do mods.
  7. ToonSkull

    How to replace the Rhino (tank) with a car?

    My brother says "no". You have to edit the dff's hierarchy table to reflect the name as well. Just swapping the files out won't work. If you know how to use a HEX editor open the dff of your car in that and look for the name only nothing else in ASCII (ex: banshee not bansheebody64G) you will find 2 occurrences change them to rhino. If all goes well it will work or crash. MAKE BACKUPS!
  8. ToonSkull

    how to revert back changes made in gta sa

    If you used Vista, it keeps copies inside the C:\users\... folder. Personally I run Linux with WINE for GTA SA. I don't know about Windows 7 yet. I have read it is always best to install to the desktop or some personal folder that you can control and not where Windows wants it to be located. Sorry I don't have the exact location for you, but you should find it under protected files I think?
  9. ToonSkull

    Vehicle Weapon Editing

    You can place a flamethrower on ANY car. Here is a CLEO script that checks to see if you are driving a vehicle and you can use the "+" key on the numpad to activate the flame. {$VERSION 3.1.0027} {$CLEO .cs} //-------------MAIN--------------- thread 'FLAME_CAR' //Checks to see if the player is defined and driving any vehicle (might need restrictions) :FLAME_CAR_19 wait 0 if and Actor.Driving($PLAYER_ACTOR) Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR) jf @FLAME_CAR_19 //Get the player's car as [email protected] and add an invisible man with a flamethrower on it. :FLAME_CAR_44 03C0: [email protected] = actor $PLAYER_ACTOR car Model.Load(#FLAME) Model.Load(#MALE01) 038B: load_requested_models 0407: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_car [email protected] with_offset 0.0 0.0 0.0 [email protected] = Actor.Create(CivMale, #MALE01, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0) 01B2: give_actor [email protected] weapon 37 ammo 99999 // Load the weapon model before using this 01B9: set_actor [email protected] armed_weapon_to 37 Actor.WeaponAccuracy([email protected]) = 100 //If you remove this line you will see the invisible man. 0337: set_actor [email protected] visibility 0 Actor.SetImmunities([email protected], 1, 1, 1, 1, 1) //Set the current vehicle to FIRE PROOF Car.SetImmunities([email protected], 0, 1, 0, 0, 0) 02A9: set_actor [email protected] immune_to_nonplayer 1 0619: enable_actor [email protected] collision_detection 0 06A7: put_actor [email protected] into_turret_on_car [email protected] at_car_offset 0.0 2.0 0.0 position 2 shooting_angle 0.0 0.0 with_weapon 37 Model.Destroy(#FLAME) Model.Destroy(#MALE01) //Wait for a keypress of 107 "+" on the numpad or LMB Fire :FLAME_CAR_239 wait 0 if Actor.InCar($PLAYER_ACTOR, [email protected]) jf @FLAME_CAR_357 if not Actor.Dead([email protected]) jf @FLAME_CAR_379 if or 00E1: player 0 pressed_key 17 0AB0: key_pressed 107 jf @FLAME_CAR_239 //Need to add some target control here so far just fires forwards. 017B: set_actor [email protected] weapon 37 ammo_to 99999 0407: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_car [email protected] with_offset 0.0 100.0 0.0 0668: AS_actor [email protected] rotate_and_shoot_at [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 100 ms jump @FLAME_CAR_239 //Player left car make it normal. :FLAME_CAR_357 Actor.DestroyInstantly([email protected]) Car.RemoveReferences([email protected]) wait 1000 jump @FLAME_CAR_19 //Invisible man dead? REALLY! Wow, how did you manage that? :FLAME_CAR_379 Actor.DestroyInstantly([email protected]) Car.RemoveReferences([email protected]) jump @FLAME_CAR_44 I don't know if this works with ALL vehicles somewhat untested. Have fun you funny arsonist you! EDIT: I made some changes lowered my invisible man to make the flames seem to come from the grill. Added LMB keypress. I tested a BMX that is funny riding a BMX shooting flames. Also since you are not holding the weapon the cops don't blame you.
  10. ToonSkull

    Finding Objects in Game

    Here is a shorty; {$VERSION 3.1.0027} {$CLEO .cs} //Coded by Vincent Black //June 6th, 2010 //-------------MAIN--------------- thread 'FINDTAGS' //Loop here until the player pressed "T" :FIND_TAGS_1 wait 0 if 0AB0: key_pressed 0x54 jf @FIND_TAGS_1 //Get player position and nearest TAG 04C4: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR with_offset 0.0 0.0 0.0 07A6: get_nearest_tag_location_near_point [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] store_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] //Create a marker on TAG 018A: [email protected] = create_checkpoint_at [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Marker.SetColor([email protected],1) //Wait 15 seconds clear the marker and restart the loop :FIND_TAGS_2 wait 15000 Marker.Disable([email protected]) jump @FIND_TAGS_1 Issues include; sprayed tags are not eliminated from search and only the nearest tag is shown.
  11. ToonSkull

    Realist Cops and Traffic Mod in Cleo

    OK you can now download all three here. There are some things you might want to know. Real traffic has 2 versions the one titled "real traffic alt" will NOT lock the car doors. Install only 1 of these 2 mods. This mod was pretty glitch filled and while I fixed most of them there are some minor issues. Like alternate version vehicles might change in appearance upon approach. I have ran the mod without crashing the program for sometime now. Hippiecommunist on GTAforums original code worked to some degree and I thank him for laying the foundation. Real Cops watches for you to get any stars. It scans the area around you for police. Then is holds them, you will hear the police report and be notified that there is a witness. If you kill the Witness within 30 seconds the star won't show up. However stars go into effect right away is the witness is a cop. Real Cop Cars watches for 3 things to occur. You must be wanted, driving a vehicle, and speeding over 25 KPH. Then 2 special made police vehicles spawn right behind you. They have but one motivating factor. KILL the player. They will continue to pursue your vehicle until it is riddled with bullets. Note: if you jump from your vehicle they chase the vehicle. You can do whatever you like with these mods. I have included notes on how each section is supposed to work. HAVE FUN! Vincent Black
  12. This grabs the wanted level and stores it. Then it scans 30 meters (about 100 feet) around you for any cops or civilians (gangs don't narc). You will still hear a police report but no stars will post. At this point you should look for a red marker on your radar. That person is running for help. Then if you can kill them in 30 seconds you will still have no stars. If the witness is a cop the stars will apply right away and the mod waits for you to clear them. {$VERSION 3.1.0027} {$CLEO .cs} //This mod hooks the wanted level and checks for cops within 100 feet of the player. //Coded by Vincent Black aka ToonSkull //June 6th, 2010 //-------------MAIN--------------- thread 'RCOPCARS' //Load Wanted Level into variable [email protected] :RCOPCARS_19 wait 0 [email protected] = Player.WantedLevel($PLAYER_CHAR) if [email protected] > 0 jf @RCOPCARS_19 Player.ClearWantedLevel($PLAYER_CHAR) [email protected] = 0 //Set a counter to zero in [email protected] :RCOPCARS_61 wait 0 04C4: store_coords_to $4 $5 $6 from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR with_offset 0.0 0.0 0.0 08E5: get_actor_in_sphere $4 $5 $6 radius 30.0 handle_as [email protected] if not [email protected] >= 100 jf @RCOPCARS_19 [email protected] += 1 //Stop scanning after 100 loops assume no one saw anything. if 056D: actor [email protected] defined jf @RCOPCARS_61 089F: get_actor [email protected] pedtype_to [email protected] if or [email protected] == 4 [email protected] == 5 [email protected] == 6 jf @RCOPCARS_61 //We have a witness. //Set timer to zero. [email protected] = 0 if not [email protected] == 6 jf @RCOPCARS_241 //Witness Marker [email protected] = Marker.CreateAboveActor([email protected]) 07E0: set_marker [email protected] type_to 0 Marker.SetColor([email protected], 0) :RCOPCARS_241 wait 0 if Actor.Dead([email protected]) jf @RCOPCARS_273 //Killed the Witness. Marker.Disable([email protected]) jump @RCOPCARS_19 :RCOPCARS_273 if or [email protected] >= 30000 //30 seconds to kill the witness [email protected] == 6 //Witness is a cop so timer don't matter. jf @RCOPCARS_241 //Reset Wanted Level stored in [email protected] Player.WantedLevel($PLAYER_CHAR) = [email protected] if not [email protected] == 6 jf @RCOPCARS_307 Marker.Disable([email protected]) //Loop here until Wanted Level is cleared. :RCOPCARS_307 wait 0 [email protected] = Player.WantedLevel($PLAYER_CHAR) if [email protected] == 0 jf @RCOPCARS_307 jump @RCOPCARS_19 Next this code is based on HippieCommunist's who is too busy with GTA IV to even talk to me. Some users don't care that all the modded cars have the doors locked. This version also has doors locked but if you read through my comments you can see how to swap it for car health. I set my distance to 60.0 meters because it felt right. I found setting it higher fewer cars get selected. While setting it lower makes for more accidents. I also made sure the passengers got placed back inside the vehicle. His mod the passengers disappear and only the drivers remain. {$VERSION 3.1.0027} {$CLEO .cs} //-------------MAIN--------------- thread 'REALTRAFFIC' //Based on HippieCommunist version 2008 - 2010. //Re-coded by Vincent Black aka ToonSkull //June 5th, 2010 :REALTRAFFIC_19 wait 0 //Grab any vechicles near player 04C4: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR with_offset 0.0 0.0 0.0 073E: get_car_in_sphere [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] radius 60.0 model -1 handle_as [email protected] //Car Info if 056E: car [email protected] defined jf @REALTRAFFIC_19 //Driver Info 046C: [email protected] = car [email protected] driver if 056D: actor [email protected] defined jf @REALTRAFFIC_19 if not Actor.DrivingPoliceVehicle([email protected]) jf @REALTRAFFIC_19 //This is a cool way to figure out which cars are modified. Just Lock the doors. //See notes if you don't like this option. //[email protected] = Car.Health([email protected]) 09B3: get_car [email protected] door_status [email protected] 089F: get_actor [email protected] pedtype_to [email protected] //No mods, bikes, Criminals, or Cops if and not [email protected] >= 3 //Doors are locked = car is already modded - ALT is "[email protected] == 1000" not [email protected] == 6 //Is a Cop not [email protected] == 20 //Is a Criminal 847A: not actor [email protected] driving_bike jf @REALTRAFFIC_19 03F3: get_car [email protected] primary_color_to [email protected] secondary_color_to [email protected] [email protected] = Car.Model([email protected]) [email protected] = Car.Angle([email protected]) 02E3: [email protected] = car [email protected] speed //Get the driver 0665: get_actor [email protected] model_to [email protected] 0407: store_coords_to [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] from_car [email protected] with_offset 0.0 0.0 0.0 Actor.RemoveReferences([email protected]) //Car Capacity Check [email protected] = 0 [email protected] = 0 [email protected] = 0 01EA: [email protected] = car [email protected] max_passengers //Two Door Check if [email protected] == 3 jf @REALTRAFFIC_404 //Four Door Check Rear Seats //Rear Seat passenger if 8431: not car [email protected] passenger_seat_free 2 jf @REALTRAFFIC_355 0432: [email protected] = get_actor_handle_from_car [email protected] passenger_seat 2 0665: get_actor [email protected] model_to [email protected] 089F: get_actor [email protected] pedtype_to [email protected] Actor.RemoveReferences([email protected]) //Rear Seat passenger :REALTRAFFIC_355 if 8431: not car [email protected] passenger_seat_free 1 jf @REALTRAFFIC_404 0432: [email protected] = get_actor_handle_from_car [email protected] passenger_seat 1 0665: get_actor [email protected] model_to [email protected] 089F: get_actor [email protected] pedtype_to [email protected] Actor.RemoveReferences([email protected]) //Front Seat Passenger :REALTRAFFIC_404 if 8431: not car [email protected] passenger_seat_free 0 jf @REALTRAFFIC_453 0432: [email protected] = get_actor_handle_from_car [email protected] passenger_seat 0 0665: get_actor [email protected] model_to [email protected] 089F: get_actor [email protected] pedtype_to [email protected] Actor.RemoveReferences([email protected]) :REALTRAFFIC_453 Car.Destroy([email protected]) [email protected] = Car.Create([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]) Car.Angle([email protected]) = [email protected] //This line was used for testing it turns the cars black //Not all the cars turn black as I approach them so it still needs tweaking. //0229: set_car [email protected] primary_color_to 0 secondary_color_to 0 0229: set_car [email protected] primary_color_to [email protected] secondary_color_to [email protected] 0129: [email protected] = create_actor_pedtype [email protected] model [email protected] in_car [email protected] driverseat //Place passengers (if any) if not [email protected] == 0 jf @REALTRAFFIC_559 01C8: [email protected] = create_actor_pedtype [email protected] model [email protected] in_car [email protected] passenger_seat 2 0526: set_actor [email protected] stay_in_car 1 Model.Destroy([email protected]) Actor.RemoveReferences([email protected]) :REALTRAFFIC_559 if not [email protected] == 0 jf @REALTRAFFIC_610 01C8: [email protected] = create_actor_pedtype [email protected] model [email protected] in_car [email protected] passenger_seat 1 0526: set_actor [email protected] stay_in_car 1 Model.Destroy([email protected]) Actor.RemoveReferences([email protected]) :REALTRAFFIC_610 if not [email protected] == 0 jf @REALTRAFFIC_661 01C8: [email protected] = create_actor_pedtype [email protected] model [email protected] in_car [email protected] passenger_seat 0 0526: set_actor [email protected] stay_in_car 1 Model.Destroy([email protected]) Actor.RemoveReferences([email protected]) //Set behaviors :REALTRAFFIC_661 Car.SetSpeedInstantly([email protected], [email protected]) Car.SetToNormalDriver([email protected]) Car.SetDriverBehaviour([email protected], FollowRoad) 00AE: set_car [email protected] traffic_behaviour_to 1 //Lock the doors - some players don't like this option so it could be //written to use Car.Health([email protected]) and just add 1 point so car health is not normal. //[email protected] += 1 //Car.Health([email protected]) = [email protected] Car.DoorStatus([email protected]) = 3 04E0: car [email protected] abandon_path_radius 0 Model.Destroy([email protected]) Model.Destroy([email protected]) Actor.RemoveReferences([email protected]) Car.RemoveReferences([email protected]) jump @REALTRAFFIC_19 My third mod is REAL police car chases and I am still working on it. Once I am done I will upload all 3 in a zip file to the downloads section.
  13. ToonSkull

    are there any good text mods about?

  14. ToonSkull

    Realist Cops and Traffic Mod in Cleo

    Something is causing the traffic mod to crash near the tunnel by the airport. I can't figure it out yet. I am tired of the cops assisting other gang members when they shouldn't be taking sides. Other than that, I am trying to get the cop cars to stay on your tail and not drive like a bunch of dorks. EDIT: Ok I figured it out there are single passenger fork trucks over there.
  15. How sad, no one missed me.

  16. ToonSkull

    Happy birthday to me

    insert present here
  17. ToonSkull

    Happy birthday to me

    Thanks a lot guys, I will see you later. Have fun!
  18. ToonSkull

    Getting the Cop Uniform

    Have you tried a trainer? Some trainers will "give you 100%" for Barb. You would need to edit "Shopping.dat" but; 1. You can't add more than 12 items per section for the store this could cause the crash. 2. It is very hard to edit without a clothing store editor. 3. I have no idea what the label for the police uniform is called. I would just get a trainer and get Barb set to 100%, it would be easier than working the shopping.dat or download the Ultimate Editor 3.06 Download Here it has a store editor.
  19. ToonSkull

    Tenpenny Stories

    Anyone having problems with Tenpenny Stories missions should check it out; YouTuber King Brace Blane has posted video walk throughs for "Cleaning the Hood", "King of the Hill", "Gray Exports", and "Double Boom!". He said in an email today he is working on videos of "Path of the Snake", "In Search of the Truth" and "Epsilon Cult". He has told us that he beat the entire mod in one weekend. Also the man is about 50 something, which kind of is a shock to me. Most of the people who play this are teens. He is a computer geek and a you tuber but doesn't like joining forums. He did supply us with some answers to coding problems and got his name in the credits. Now for some disturbing news. GTA Garage no longer hosts this mod. Josh and I don't blame them, but I personally believe they need to rethink policy. I placed Alci's GUI for SAAT inside the JOE release because a. people had sound issues otherwise b. so users didn't have to look for a copy elsewhere and c. it made the download 24MB instead of 57MB. The GTA Garage's policy is not to place (any) tools including SAAT into your mods. Even when SAAT is a GNU public licensed program and can be according to the contributors. Meanwhile Alci's GUI contains SAAT and is still hosted on the GTA Garage (I don't want them to pull it either). The reason they give for this policy is not mod ripping or bandwidth issues but they say you might have an outdated copy. Neither the GUI or SAAT has been upgraded in years. Q: Why don't we simply remove SAAT and the GUI and include a download link? A: In the near future the link may change and/or the programs hard to locate even by a Google search. Total size is less than 5MB added. We are striving to make all the downloads uniform as possible, although if anyone desires to post such altered mod of Tenpenny Stories, by all means you have our permission. Make sure you state how the mod is altered. Joshua did this mod to show people learning this how to make a mission mod without Cleo. I did the sound pack and apparently I am to blame for it getting booted off the GTA Garage. Josh said, it doesn't matter and said the sound pack will not change. They didn't accuse us of being pirates, it is just policy. The attachment above should work well we are still waiting for a positive response. Thank you, Vincent
  20. ToonSkull

    can anyone help me plz

    He is working on it. Just give him time.
  21. ToonSkull

    Tenpenny Stories

    I don't think anyone can complain just place a spoiler warning above the video. Blane cams his but does a pretty good job. Not everyone can afford a good video capture card. I barely can afford a graphics card. He told me in his last email he is posting the Gray Exports. So I guess he is hitting the harder missions first.
  22. ToonSkull

    SAAT Problem

    Make sure your sound file matches. The way to make certain. Open the original siren and record the new sound over the top of it then save "as is". If you recall the first time I messed with the audio it corrupted other files. So when I redid Tenpenny Stories audio, I opened the new sound file in media player (just to play it) and the banked one in recorder. Set your audio record option to stereo mix. Play the new siren in loop. Record over the top of the old siren making sure you change no values. That should do the trick. OT: Have you started back to school yet there? My brother and I signed up for our classes, I have two advanced subjects (I didn't ask for them) Geometry and Biology. But I am happy I got my Film Lit and French 101.
  23. ToonSkull

    Tenpenny Stories

    Hello, I received an email from King Brace Blane. He is not a member here or any other forum but the man has agreed to post all the video walkthroughs and bugs on his youtube channel. www.youtube.com/kingbraceblane Here is what he wrote: I am only in the 10th grade... I plan to go to college to become a video store clerk. But that is another story. Well there you have it some OLD FART beat it and now you can too. Josh said, "Do as you wish the source code is yours!". He and I signed up for classes yesterday and I am taking; Accelerated Geometery, US History, French, Film Lit, American Lit 2, and Accelerated Biology. All this starts 8-8-09 so I will let you know how that goes. One of us will poke our head in here from time to time.
  24. ToonSkull

    can anyone help me plz

    I think I am about done here now. So if this model looks ok, I am handing the 3DS off to my brother Josh. He has to import it to the zmodeler and place the parts into the correct positions so the work proper. He needs to test it out and make sure the peds and player look right riding on it. All that will take a little time so be patient. Thanks!
  25. ToonSkull

    Opcodes heeeeeeelp!

    If you want simple descriptions you should ask either Deji, my brother Jabhacksoul or one of the modders in the modding forum here. I will forward this to JAB in hopes he is not too busy to help you out.