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  1. Since my PC can't run GTA IV good enough, I came here to ask what kind of a monstrous computer do I need to run it all settings maxed out with ~40fps average ?
  2. Your clip wasn't so bad, just as Spider said, use the Markers, they are good ! I like the ingame video editor much. But unfortunately somewhy it gives my some dumb error after it has 'finished' uploading to Rockstar Social Club, and no video is up :S Anyways, my videos are up at YouTube. Link to my YouTube channel => Linklolz And unlike Rockstar Social Club, you can edit with a third party editor when uploading to YouTube, so that makes that a bit better
  3. My GTA IV videos

    It was a huge question to me ;D
  4. New mod?

    I think he has switched the helicopter and cop car handling or something i'm not sure about
  5. 2 of my GTA IV videos Enjoy watching (My very first GTA IV video) (I posted a link cause of the higher quality '&fmt=18', YouTube usual is like yuck :F) Visit my channel for more videos by me Comments please & I must say a thanks to Spider-Vice
  6. Gloves?!

    Any modders here to put them in the game and to say how they did it? One has over at GTAForums-> Getting the Fingerless Gloves, Requires some tools...
  7. My second (poor) RGSC Clip [720p]

    Keep on practising ! (Y)

    I have pre-ordered it on Steam legally, so I won't be in trouble. And I won't be having any problems about limited installs And I got Vice City free with it
  9. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Windows XP Service pack 3 Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz 1022Mb RAM NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GTS 256.0 Mb I'm gonna buy more 1000Mb ram, and buy GTA IV. It will pull it off one way or another.(even if with lag :S) For play I'm probably shutting down useless programs like explorer.exe and LOTS of stuff more. Edit: ok, now i got 2046Mb ram
  10. GTA IV PC Possible Delay?

    let them make the game perfect... Would you trade 5 days of delay with bad quality ?
  11. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Well I have to disagree with that. Look at Far Cry 2. Brand new game and runs fine on my brothers Old P4 and a 8600gt 1 Gig of ram with all the eye Candy and good FPS @ 1024x768. I realize that isnt the highest res today but its still a 17'' monitor standard. And Far Cry 2 is absolutely beautiful. Im sure GTA IV will run on a wide variety of of pc's just fine. Maybe not all the eye candy but still playable to say the least. Yeah, I was amazed to see that Far Cry 2 had quite low requirements... Gave me hope that GTA IV can do something like that too I wonder when they give out official system requirements for GTA IV PC ?
  12. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    Idk that's what the line says in DxDiag... I'm just hoping to run it When I got San Andreas, it ran with like 15fps, but I was happy I could get some more ram, if that would matter. It does matter and you could run GTA IV at low settings, I guess. Also, if it says "2 CPU's" it's a dual core which is a great processor too. I don't think it's a dual core... I did some Googleing, and found this : (Some random forum) Edit: San Andreas runs fine now with max graphics( Draw Distance:MAX; Frame limiter: Off; Visual FX quality: Very high; Mip Mapping: off; AA: 3; Resolution: 1280x1024[MY monitor is a limit] ) 25-40FPS in populated area. That 15 fps was in old times, I had Pentium 3 500GHz, and the Graphics card was very bad, ram was worse...
  13. I think it's great "Hello !" "-I'm busy !" "I said HELLO"
  14. Can my PC run GTA IV?

    sooooooo the 360 has double the 360's ram eh? LOL 5 x sa running on max at same time,,thats a bit too far. it is a 8600GTS, so its in between 8600GT and 8800GT, but yeah. carbon, it looks like you got a pentium D 3ghz ... does it show as 2 CPU's if you have hyperthreading enabled? maybe thats why...im not sure. yeah 7 cores is a bit weird lol. meh. This is what I found at My Computer Properties... A little bit noob question, but what's hyperthreading?