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  1. I already know that thnx to someguy42... For some reason i created this topic... And in the 3rd post i got confused thats all... that doesnt make me retarded or does it? I rest my case... THREAD CLOSED!
  2. I still never heard of it...till now! And WTF? I was talking about mothman in real life not in a game lol! I really doubt you can prove that in real life... Oh wait! Your mister know all so i bet u already proved it
  3. Wow, how much idiocy can you fit into a single sentence? 1) Winged figures may suggest that they are celestial beings, angels if you will. presumably to watch over or protect all those who pass over the damn, and protect them as they travel. 2) It's dedicated to the Nevada side of the hoover damn, can you not read? 3) The figures in game are dedicated the ones in real life, not the other way around. 4) Mothman is not real. 5) Yiou wouldn't dedicate a statue in your town to a rumour in a videogame would you? 6) I'ts just a monument from real life recreated in San Andreas. 7) Mothman is not real. 1st i didnt know what hoover damn is cuz im not american 2nd You dont know if mothman is real or not cuz you dont know that...
  4. Yeh But why winged figures?And its dedicated to what?Mothman?
  5. Ok... What do you see in this picture? Is it a reference? And why did they put it in the game?
  6. Yes it is in the game... I found it in a church in this location: The strangest thing about it is the picture because irl i dont think theres churchs with windows that have a god with devil wings in it but the opposite ...
  7. Well could be a Angel... but i didn't know angels had demons wings
  8. sweet! But i've found wat secret valley is long ago
  9. I've played in Windows vista and Xp sp3 maybe you should post this elsewhere
  10. I chose Cesar too...same reasons has unnamed
  11. yes it is but im not interested in mothman.. Just interested in the mod... Looks good...but i dont like it
  12. hmm Problably a corrupted saved game :|
  13. First learn how turn caps lock off! People see what you type and doesnt matter if you have CAPS on or off... All you have to do is get that vice city car txd and dff and replace it with any car of sanandreas by putting the gta vice city car name the same has the 1 you want to replace of san andreas... I think... U may need the IMGtool to enter GTA3.img and txd editor then find the car you want to replace that is in san andreas and put the vicy city one!
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