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  1. ModMatt28

    ...[ Modding Tutorial Index ]...

    OK, Is there not a way to use the Superman mod with out fucking "downgrading!?!"................SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ModMatt28


    Ok I just bought San Andreas for the pc and was wanting to install the superman mod. I got img tool 2.0 and followed the directions perfectly except one thing that confuses me. In the directions it says to add this and that file? By that does that mean I replace it are just add the file to it? The first time I just hit add and now the game only loads about halfway and freezes on me. so this time I will just use the replace option. Is that correct are not? the superman loading screens do work though!
  3. Well, I like Tommy because #1. He doesn't back down from a fight #2. Has a attitude that says don't mess with me! #3. Took over Vice City all by himself...practically? #5. Can run faster than most cars. #6. Can fly airplane and Helicopter without a license. #7. Can punch people into next with with the super punch mod...lol I love knocking people into the ocean Now to be a little off the subject I like san andreas better because the mods where better as for now. I mean c'mon how cool is it being able to fly as superman and possess his powers? I really don't understand why someone doesn't do that for vice city. I'm new to modding and most of the mods don't impress me except the naked stripper mod Basically what I'm getting at is the simple fact that it does not appear that vice city has the mods that it should? I will continue to feel the same way until I find a mod that will really hit the spot. I think it would be cool to mod a T-Rex dinosaur that you can ride and it actually eats people and cars!!!!!! Wouldn't that be cool?
  4. ModMatt28

    Whats your fave gun in Vice City, and why?

    I would say any of the sniper rifles, Reason? Because its always so much fun to perch on top of high buildings and shoot people in the head and also being able to pop car tires as they drive by. I then obtain a wanted level of 5 and see just how long I can last before I die my record is 30 minutes
  5. ModMatt28

    Death when entering modded vehicles?

    Ok, Its not a big deal I guess I will just have to use the movie prop ufo that is located at the film studio to fly I like that one too. I was also wondering if you could tell me where I may also find a good looking helicopter mod? I looked at the gundam robot but its kinda hoky looking.
  6. Well, First off I would just like to say hello to you all and I'm glad to be here. I have not been modding very long about 2 weeks and 3 days experiance I use the modinstaller 5.0. Its a great program I really like it. I could not for the life of me to get that image tool 2.0 to do jack for me even when I uncheck read only and apply. Anyway I'm having a problem with a certain mod its the one that makes the hunter into the big green looking ufo. When I try to enter it I fall to the ground and die instantly, whats up with that? I was thinking that maybe I can only enter it at specific locations maybe? I only found it by the strip club on ocean beach. It was sitting there on the helipad. I would really like to fly it. ModManager is suppose to do it all including the adjustments for the col file. I read the read me for it and made sure all the handling cfgs are correct. Anyway here is what I got in for mods now #1. Makes the stripper buck naked...I like this one #2. Halo Shotgun...nice one! #3. Realistic blood splatter.... #4. Faggio into the black looking scooter that moves like greased shit on ice....Really great to drive, my favorite bike! #5. Super Punch..Its always fun to knock people into next week...lol Its fun to run up to people and punch them into the ocean #6. World War 2 weapons pack...Pretty cool! Anyway hope to hear from some of you......later ~Matt