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  1. Nate10

    come back =/

  2. Yeah, the good old days!!! Ill try and come online more often.
  3. I wouldnt mind racing, I enjoyed going off road and crashing into oponents, however they should try to improve the racing feature, maybe some races have more cars and more demanding races.
  4. Well done Steven, thats some serious GTAVCS playing. Didnt your fingers hurt afterwards?
  5. Well done everybody, keep posting!
  6. Artur

    Hey KP, where'd you go man? I remember you were really active during the summer and saw that you checked out my profile so you gotta be there somewhere. :)

  7. Just save your money and bank it. Let the intrest do its magic. Right now ive got around 15k.
  8. If you like the music so much you could always download it.
  9. If you tell us remember to put the 'spoiler alert' please, cheers.
  10. Yeah I doubted Tommy being in VCS, but still made a good discussion point (Although it was like an arguement!).
  11. It would be good if it comes out on PS2, for people who have a PS2 and dont have a PSP. Also this would be good for R* as they'll make more money. I hope they keep some of the mulitiplayer features though.
  12. Good work. Maybe someone should try to find them all and put them in a topic.
  13. Good work OTGTAM. But you should of took your time and enjoyed the game, GTA games dont come out often. Congratulations anyway.
  14. Damn, I want this game. Ive been persuading my mates who have a PSP to get this.
  15. Good review. Thanks for finding it Chris.
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