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    Europe V.S America

    Europe, America Just like everything big!
  2. Hello, I have been looking around for website idea's but I cant think of any that will be unique and stand out from others to be active. Please can you members on here give me some idea's on what to host Content wise. Thanks in advance, - Unk
  3. Unkn0wn

    Official Formula 1 thread

    Hamilton would win.
  4. Unkn0wn

    Post pics of your car

    My mum is dead and I am older than 18, And I am not going to buy a camera incase a family member buys one for me for Christmas.
  5. Unkn0wn

    Post pics of your car

    My job is a Top London lawyer. I will take some picture's at a later date. Due to my son dropping my camera.
  6. Unkn0wn

    Post pics of your car

    Well I live in the Uk and it was 800,000 Pounds when I bought it, I had to take out a loan ect.. to get it which I have now paid off. a) I do the gunball, And I go to track days b ) So what.
  7. Unkn0wn

    Post pics of your car

    Thats because it was took in italy and I went to the same place it was taken in my car. I never said the pic was mine. + It is the same colour as mine.
  8. Unkn0wn

    Post pics of your car

    Here is my Bugatti veyron in Italy.
  9. A great Topic Chris. My Computer will run it just fine
  10. Unkn0wn

    1000 ways to Insult Someone

    lol this is so stupid because of the strict rules, Its not even insulting...
  11. Unkn0wn


    Thanks for the head's up dude. People are only doing that because they have a site them selves but its not as good or active as this one
  12. Unkn0wn

    Post your desktop

    Here is mine: a Bit messy I know.
  13. Unkn0wn

    Making a New website (Need Idea's)

    I already have a free hosting plan, With 500gb of Badwith. and 4 gb Disc space.
  14. Unkn0wn

    Making a New website (Need Idea's)

    I know all HTML and every thing else.
  15. Unkn0wn

    gta vcs sucks

    Your Dam Right Their
  16. Unkn0wn

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    You will need a New Video card before anything and then maby overclock your Ram or Buy Some more.
  17. Unkn0wn

    Xfire Profile Field

    A Xfire Field Would be Nice.
  18. Unkn0wn

    SAMP 0.2.5 Coming Soon

    The New SA-MP's Suck!
  19. Unkn0wn

    Recommended GTA IV system requirements

    Thanks for the Info. I'm Sure my Pc Can Handle It.