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  1. johnny slowly walks towards the motel reception. "Hey, single room, one night." Johnny says to the motel owner. "Room 11." the owner says lazily. Johnny mumbles a thanks and walks outside and slowly up the stairs into Room 11. Johnny opens the door with a creak. "Ahh, nice to see you again Johnny." a rough voice says from the centre of the room. Johnny notices several men surrounding the insides of the room. "Come in."
  2. Any kind of rock rules. How can you not like bands like Green Day (especially the old skool stuff), Simple Plan, F-Ups, Foo Fighters, Sum41, Falloutboy, Rooster, American high 5 etc.
  3. Go here for more info. All i can say is "You had it coming Sony. I hope the guy sues you for wasting his time and being unable to do business."
  4. i can't really post my timetable up, it'd take too long because it changes everyday. School's boring but it must be even more boring for you guys with the same timetable everyday.
  5. Has it got something to do with money not being something?
  6. You have alot of periods, i only have 6
  7. please bump this topic
  8. nickc

    Walk of Game 2005

    Walk of Game Walk of Game is the first-of-its-kind landmark honoring the icons and pioneers of the videogame industry. Walk of Game is located inside Metreon, a 350,000 square-foot entertainment complex at Fourth and Mission Streets in the heart of downtown San Francisco. Every year, gamers worldwide cast their vote on www.WalkOfGame.com to induct the next set of honorees to receive a permanent 24"x 24", customized steel star on the Walk of Game. From the list of nominees, the top four in the category of Games/Characters and the top two in Lifetime Achievement will be inducted. Inductees to date are: Nolan Bushnell, Shigeru Miyamoto, Halo, Link (The Legend of Zelda), Mario, and Sonic The Hedgehog. The list of nominees is compiled from a survey of industry members and technology, entertainment, and gaming media. SCA Interactive, a leader in online promotions, powers the Walk of Game voting interface. Check www.WalkOfGame.com regularly to keep informed about upcoming events including unveiling of the stars for the 2006 Inductees! Nominees Games/Characters: Castlevania Civilization Donkey Kong Doom EverQuest Final Fantasy Fox McCloud (Star Fox) Frogger Grand Theft Auto Half-Life Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) Madden NFL Mortal Kombat Myst Pac-Man Pitfall Harry (Pitfall) Pong Quake Resident Evil Samus Aran (Metroid) Space Invaders StarCraft Street Fighter II Tetris The Sims Lifetime Achievement: John Carmack (Doom) Peter Molyneux (Populous, Fable) Sid Meier (Civilization, Pirates!) Toru Iwatani (Pac-Man) Will Wright (Sim Series)
  9. For anyone who has seen a "patcher" floating around the net by PSP Team. Its fake. It will brick your PSP and will void your warranty. Skylark has disassembled the binary and the results can be found here: Disasm By Skylark Pspupdates thread I wouldn't put it past Sony to have been the one who leaked this. Why can't they learn that they are fighting an uphill battle against homebrew. Why don't they just embrace it, or at the very least let it be. They could make a whole lot more money if they did that and stopped making stupid firmwire updates that don't allow homebrew, why doesn't Sony make updates that do allow homebrew.
  10. This new firmwire has just recently been released. VERSION 2.0.1 • Fixes crash when adding many movies for conversion. • Fixes movie conversion failure when using 4:3 aspect ratio. This was taken from PSPUpdates WARNING: HOMEBREWS/LOADERS CAN'T BE EXECUTED ON PSP WITH SYSTEM VERSION 1.51 OR ABOVE. Currently the downgrade is only availabe for v2.0 PSPs. Make sure you REALLY know this fact and WANT to upgrade to the new version!!!
  11. They need to make it more user friendly
  12. Yeah, the only way it would work is if R* got the birth details of everyone who went on the site and compared it to the age given. lol
  13. It's the games that make or break the console, so don't ignore the 360 just yet, it's got a great line-up of games. But then so does the PS3. GTA4 is gonna be released on the PS3 and then after a while on the xbox, but not until the next gta game is due for release on the ps3. R* might even wait until they make the next gta game and release it as a double pack like they did with gta3 and vice city.
  14. Yeah i beat Spaz at his own game!!
  15. Most of you have heard of so-called PSP "downgraders" and none have worked or even existed. Well this one works. PSP 2.0 to 1.5 downgrade! Enjoy! Go here for the complete story. If you still want the features that 2.00 has, don't worry. Most of these features have been hacked into long ago and are available on the internet if you half search. I suggest you go here to find PSP downloads. If you don't want to upgrade your PSP version every time to play a new game which requires you to upgrade, i suggest you go here to download "No Update" which allows you to play these games without having to upgrade.
  16. i don't think that it's an international release date because most stores here in New Zealand are promoting it's release for october 28 not 25
  17. nickc

    PSP 2.0 hacked

    This is from http://pspupdates.qj.net/2005/09/hello-20-world.html
  18. I read in Playstation (an Australian game mag) that the ps3 is going to be twice as powerful as the xbox 360. I dont know if its gonna be that much better, but i hope it is. Goooo PS3!!!!!!! p.s They also said that comparing the ps2 to the ps3 is like comparing a mini to a rocket ship
  19. nickc

    MSN Down?

    it may not be fully working tough. when i tried to add another user to it, it came up with a message saying that it couldnt connect.
  20. nickc

    MSN Down?

    Msn seems to be working fine for me
  21. nickc

    MSN Down?

    i'm gonna check now to see if its down.
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