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  1. Neto


    I didn't it just didn't worked after I stopped using the other one
  2. Neto


  3. Neto


    yeah I been here since 2003 but only I didn't register until 2004 but then I lay low for a while, then I registered again in 2006 and posted so does that make me a veteran?
  4. Neto

    Woud you like a GTA movie?

    actually there has been a GTA movie I think it came out in 1977 78 75 somewhere around there
  5. Neto


    it means a 213.1 gigabite emulator that reserves the xixca version 31.0 that needs to be conducted in the XP version of microsoft windows which is needs a yugomite anti-malfunction system that needs to upgrade the 3rd version of yugomite in the san andreas mode that's what it means
  6. Neto


    Why in the blue hell would you want to watch t.v. in a video game??????????
  7. Neto

    Mexican drug cartels

    yeah man check this out this are probaly the mexican cartels your talking about http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Los_Zetas they should make a gta game on this
  8. you mean kinda of like the godfather where the main character was there in the game but didn't came out in the movie
  9. Neto

    Mexican drug cartels

    yeah this is very true, I live in the border I live in Laredo Texas it is next to mexico and what this guy is saying is true except the part of the corrupt US police, these mexican cartels are named the zetas they were trained in the usa by the U.S. army cause they were suppose to be mexican soldiers that were suppose to be against the drug cartels but then they themselves became corrupt and started taking over nuevo laredo, they dress as cops, they have killed a lot of news reporters, many mexican cops and many innocent people almost all people in nuevo laredo, mexico are afraid of them.... I say this thing is worser than the italian mafias oh and yes just one question for Sabin. What does all this have to do with GTA?
  10. Neto

    The Grand Theft Auto Story

    Johnny dodges the bullets from the rival mafia member, and takes out his uzi and shoots him he goes to Nacho's place...
  11. Neto

    Bypass Missions

    You dont have to "Turn Off Missions" all you need to do is not go to the missions and just play
  12. Neto

    The Grand Theft Auto Story

    Johnny runs, steals a banshee goes to Nacho's house, Saves Game
  13. Hey I don't want to read any angry messages ok
  14. Neto

    The Grand Theft Auto Story

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