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  1. Paulie

    Your age

    I am 16 years old.
  2. When you find out who cracked TGTAP, tell us so we can kick his/her ass.
  3. Paulie

    Bush makes smart move

    Actually, that wouldnt be such a bad idea. He should try it. He would actually be making a profit on something this time instead of spending money on useless shit and/or purposes.
  4. Paulie

    The best editing program

    I dont know if you can edit videos in it or not. Im sure with the CODE LAB that you can make it edit videos or something.
  5. Paulie

    The best editing program

    Ill have to go with Paint.NET for photo editing, etc. Its like Photoshop except better. Heres the website: http://www.eecs.wsu.edu/paint.net/ Its legally free, and it has this code lab plugin that if you know C+ you can make any effect imaginable . Id advise on downloading the beta or alpha version. Dont worry, it doesnt crash. It has more features or something than the other non-beta/alpha version.
  6. Paulie

    Smash your body parts on the keyboard ...

    Mother fuvke54w.l Damn, tried to type something in with my nose. Oh well. Better luck next time I guess.
  7. Sounds like a waste of God damn money to me. Want the "story behind GTA"? Read the newpaper. Especially the obituaries so that way you know how the person died. Or you could watch the news and wait to hear of some shooting somewhere in your town or something.
  8. Paulie

    Microsoft or Mac

    Those movies were funny. The MAC was almost indestructable. That one older computer was retarded. The cheater shouldve been a better cheater too, like me, so he wouldnt have gotten caught.
  9. Paulie

    Happy Birthday Spaz!

    Happy birthday man.