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  1. Pfft, about as famous as David Beckhams uncles dog. <3 Ottae. Z represent.
  2. 9/10. Purely for the fact that I love the soundtrack, love the story, love everything about the game. Apart from the fact that I haven't used Cheat Device on it yet
  3. Yeh, the hidden interiors have been pretty much known of since the CheatDevices release.
  4. Zaibatsu, REPRESENT MOFO

  5. 9 but the comp im on now is really bloody rubbish so i haven't even bothered opening photoshop on here.
  6. Congrats the both of you hehe nothing near any milestone
  7. You can use it if ya want , can't post anything else My comp broke so all my files were deleted, in the process of making more though
  8. I'll be updating this as I make Different Photoshops etc, but i just deleted all of them apart from this one It's a snake's mouth btw,
  9. Got confused when i first saw it. But now im used to it, looks great! good work!!
  10. yeh the hotknife kinda dissapointed me i was thinkin it would be more powerful and sound better etc but.......it didnt stick with the stallion or sabre
  11. tony cos he was teh first i saw for some reason
  12. you should be able to vote for more than one i wanted complexes, big city,big spaces
  13. there was no tommy in gta 3 or am i missing something?
  14. Link Removed - Chris82- No free IVfree-type sites i thoguht i edited it are you allowed to advertise free sites? and how come i couldnt put the .tk one in?
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