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  1. Pfft, about as famous as David Beckhams uncles dog. <3 Ottae. Z represent.
  2. 9/10. Purely for the fact that I love the soundtrack, love the story, love everything about the game. Apart from the fact that I haven't used Cheat Device on it yet
  3. Yeh, the hidden interiors have been pretty much known of since the CheatDevices release.
  4. Zaibatsu, REPRESENT MOFO

  5. 9 but the comp im on now is really bloody rubbish so i haven't even bothered opening photoshop on here.
  6. Congrats the both of you hehe nothing near any milestone
  7. You can use it if ya want , can't post anything else My comp broke so all my files were deleted, in the process of making more though
  8. I'll be updating this as I make Different Photoshops etc, but i just deleted all of them apart from this one It's a snake's mouth btw,
  9. Got confused when i first saw it. But now im used to it, looks great! good work!!
  10. yeh the hotknife kinda dissapointed me i was thinkin it would be more powerful and sound better etc but.......it didnt stick with the stallion or sabre
  11. tony cos he was teh first i saw for some reason
  12. you should be able to vote for more than one i wanted complexes, big city,big spaces
  13. there was no tommy in gta 3 or am i missing something?
  14. Link Removed - Chris82- No free IVfree-type sites i thoguht i edited it are you allowed to advertise free sites? and how come i couldnt put the .tk one in?
  15. ill have to say your video is truly shit but good work anyway oh and to get up stairs stand up on the bike and there has already been a video about flying somewhere i think www.gta-psp.net made one
  16. well i finally reached the big 30 so i think i can advertise right? well if i cant i suppose this topic will get locked etc but if i can here goes well our site is all about gta but also has metal gear games included as one of the main categories (but i didn't make it i dont really like mgs) im a mod on the site hope you guys give it a look www.hardcoregamersinc.tk
  17. im hoping they include a new version of something like those two and the horsehoes and also put the hidden packages i had real fun looking for these things and when i got 100 i was like yesssssss
  18. ok my bad thanks for pointing it out anyway mate
  19. better textures better graphics engine police force dont act as harmful in sa WTF? cant think of anymore
  20. he was the best damn character in the game if he wasn't in the whole mafia vibe would have been lost
  21. double cleff fm also had real songs on it because i heard one of them on a pizza adver
  22. Quote: It seems that more and more things are being discovered in Liberty City Stories as the days go by. Kuiosikle of GTAUnderground recently discovered the snow effects in the game. Apparently you need to complete level 9 of the Car Salesmen missions at Capital Autos in order for the snow effects to appear. Kuiosikle created a video for us that shows this nice weather effect. I will try and get a save game up soon with the snow effects activated. http://www.gtaunderground.com/ check out the picture and the video
  23. fifa o6 pro evo 5 mercenaries championship manager burnout revenge
  24. great work on the update everything is looking good
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