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  1. Okay, i made a video, that is a preview for "GRAND THEFT AUTO LIBERTY CITY STORIES SUPER HEROES" When its on youtube, il show you it.. Lol your gunna have to watch the part were the cars get hit [the cheetah is never damaged x[) well don't watch my other videos there horrible..
  2. ahh, I see. well, My friend, i don't see if anyone can help you. but, i suggest you do some practice for low rider. and for the mission to kill jeffery, Practice shooting and driving a motorcycle. [i killed jeffery at the start of the mission with my pwning skills before we go to the ballas at basket ball court] But so get a great ammount of machine gun ammo, make sure when turning corners you slow down, that tends to make me crash heheh. So yeah.. Also To start a gang war you do a mission for tenpenny or sweet sweet i think, uhm you go to this place the map will be divided into parts [green = grove] [yellow = what ever there called] [purple = ballas] you kill the ballas around when the map has those colours, and then... theres 3 waves per place.
  3. are they for ps2 or PC? no offence [or x-box] But those are easy. :S
  4. I found it was garbage. I belive its one game, but i think they should be a add on for niko's point like i mean, by.. New places [by the mansion i ment]
  5. i no you said its fake, but i was told its real. By "FAKE" people i guess. So, don't flame me about it.. I didn't think it was like that. so sorry.. No Hard feelings? [anyone?]
  6. go to downloads go to the one that either says Claude-speed or pspismyname [original name pspismyname] and get a great save file there is a hunter helicopter UN DESTRUCTABLE UN DESTRUCTABLE CARs
  7. Ooh, Darn! i can't wait. my computer will be fixed by then so i will have it.
  8. Hey Its salvatore leone.. wait a minute isn't your name Victor_vance?

  9. oh uhm. 1. gta sa 2. gta lcs 3. gta iv 4. gta vcs 5. gta 3 6. gta vc 7. gta TLAD 8. gta advanced 9.gta 1 10.gta 2 11.gta 2 london Ermm? Let me call my self a.. ADDICTORATION MAN!
  10. Chris agreed! If you wanna try it out if you got it for psp [lcs] its a great save file in my oppinion, a hunter helicopter spawns, if you open the staunton garage[ outside of garage] the leone bike in there is glitched, so if you drive it in water it's unkillable [you teleport to surface] in the 3rd islands thing it doesnt work with water but the crashing no damage is done it can only break from being flipped upside down.
  11. i actually came here a while ago when i was alot younger, but i didn't no how to join >_> wasn't that great with the computer, I loved gta when i was younger also. So i always came here to see stuff, but i could never find the register button >_> cause i didn't look. ahahaha good times..
  12. Okay, I just thinking something about SA STORIES... here's what i think it would be... [don't flame me if im wrong or it sucks] Well 3 different games in 1 pack for 30$. [runs on 1 save file!] It would be GTA Los santos stories [what happened with cj and stuff before he left to liberty city] 2nd. GTA LAs VENTURAS STORIES [don't no who you'd be :S] 3rd. GTA san fierro [ wuu-zii muu?] But im mostly thinking there might be a los santos stories, about what happened there. If that came out i would be happy x[)
  13. Sony making a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories game for the PSP? Two of the biggest sellers on the system where the previous GTA side-story games: Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. And while there has been chatter and rumor about a GTA: San Andreas Stories game for quite some time, some more official chatter has now surfaced. Talking to MTV, Sony US Marketing head John Koller said that Sony is in “on going” talks with Rockstar to bring the Grand Theft Auto franchise back to the PSP. To quote: “No one should sleep on that franchise. That’s a tremendous franchise for PlayStation in general. We’ve had two that are the top two sellers on PSP right now. So, there’s definitely continued conversations with Rockstar on all their brands. That’s nothing that’s left the PlayStation family.” Koller went on to insinuate that DS may not be the right setting for the upcoming Chinatown Wars. “It’s an interesting launch on DS. It raises some eyebrows in a lot of areas. It’ll be interesting to see how that sells.” Then to add more fuel to the fire, a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories product page was uncovered UK retailer HMV (one of the bigger UK retailers) even though it came with this caveat, “There’s no word from the developers about the game at this stage, but if you sign up by clicking the above link, we’ll get in touch with you the second that the game is available to pre-order. If it ever does come out, that is.” Either way, it won’t be surprising in the least if we do indeed see a Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Stories game. Source: http://www.videogamesblogger.com/2009/03/0...rks-for-psp.htm
  14. there never being approved, i have my 100% save file for psp but still unnaproved.
  15. have u even played TLAD? maybe you should wish for a xbl account, cuz i know u have a 360, at least 40 missions decent sized missions thats all i ask for TLAD isn't that much... I didn't really like it... i would like to see these: - A mansion/[unlockable new parto f liberty city] - new clothing.... AND ALOT MORE Missions..
  16. No-no what im trying to say is that "vic was killed" But they didn't want him to be killed so they made up pete vance a copy of victor, so he gets to live.
  17. Ahh, you people are fools. IT TAKES PLACE IN GTA IV. in the cop thing on iv search Huang lee or how you spell it he's in the cop detector, And i forget what website, but that is it -,-/
  18. hahaha, nahh ima put it here its a good save file
  19. look at the thing. sorry if you can't see it i attached the photo. Its the GTA IV map just no long part =( untitled.bmp
  20. rand theft auto liberty city stories [psp] [save game file] 0 11th Mar 2009 Unapproved for that? i have a download how long does it have to wait for approved.
  21. I think i got it now, It was vic but it was pete. Thay may make no sence but it does. Victor they didn't want killed so they made up "PETE VANCE" witch mean its a copy of victor. but he survives?
  22. i've gotte messages on this other game about, my GTA LCS save file... but i don't no how to make it a download they want it because it has... - a hunter helicopter [it spawns if you open the garage in that place] - glitched bikes that if you ride in water it doesnt break/you don't die [bullet proof] - black cars infernus, [forget other 2] [bullet proof- crash proof [doesnt break]] - unlimited ammunition - 100% complete [ i did that] - 100/100 hidden packages.
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