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  1. Maybe, They could make one, were.. Well, actually i was always thinking you got to design your character, So im going a little to saints row here. To be able to design your own character. But they give your dude the main characters name. thats all xp[
  2. \Your, PSPS are messed up then, mine lets me play around the world o.O i was playing with some guy in toronto an im in welland..
  3. if so tell me and i'l go to it. Also, do i need custom firmware for cheat device? -PSP.
  4. too get secret cars, like in LCS If there is please tell me..
  5. he killed massimo torini. o.o, the guy, wanted them to all fight so he could get rid of toni and sal... so he made the diablos and.. ahh i see.. Massimo Torini is the main antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. He is a feared Mafioso from Sicily who runs a hotel outside of Palermo, and its been said that he often killed men with his bare hands when he was younger. Torini travels to Liberty City after learning that Salvatore Leone was "out of control" after his return from Las Venturas. Although Torini claims that he is arriving to ease tensions between the Leones, the Forellis, and the Sindaccos, he actually has ulterior motives in mind: he intends to take over the criminal empire in Liberty City by having the Three Families destroy each other and moving the Sicilians in once the dust has eventually settled. He begins his mission by convincing gangs like the Diablos and Triads to expand their turf into Mafia territory, which would strain the manpower of the three Families, who are already fighting with each other. Although Toni Cipriani is successful in defending Hepburn Heights from a Diablo assault, he mentions that the Leones would be unable to keep defending the territory from future onslaughts. Indeed, in the later-set GTA III, Hepburn Heights belongs to the Diablos. Torini's motives are eventually discovered by Toni and Salvatore, but they keep quiet so the Forellis and Sindaccos will wipe each other out. Salvatore is eventually jailed by federal agents, but when it is heard that he will have bail, Torini orders an attack on the convoy transporting the Don from prison to court, hoping to permanently cripple Salvatore's organization. Toni thwarts this, and later on, it seems that newly elected Mayor Miles O'Donovan will drop the charges on Salvatore altogether. To make sure this does not happen, Torini kidnaps O'Donovan. Toni and Salvatore pursue Torini and fight their way through his Sicilian henchmen, eventually rescuing the mayor. Toni shoots down the fleeing Torini's helicopter, killing him. Torini's fate is liken to that of Catalina, who, by the end of GTA III's storyline, kidnaps Maria, flees to an isolated location with the kidnap victim, and is killed when the helicopter she rides in is shot down by Claude. Torini is revealed to be the capo for the Sicilian Mafia, and that his leader is Salvatore's unnamed, elderly uncle. Duccio Fraggella lent his voice acting for Massimo Torini.
  6. From returning, who did he kill I want to no this, because i heard "toni Ran out because he killed a made man" but who is the made man, and why did he return?
  7. oops, o.o, i cut that part out... i had a huge stunt with the MANCHEZ.
  8. THanks il get it on my moms pc, mine has a trojan "STUPID FREAKING BROTHER.
  9. how do i do this: have 1 clip with 2 of the same person for example. in gta lcs, i have me, and me. and i want them in the same clip at once, i no its possible, but i don't no how.. :S
  10. hi, im not new to gta. i've beat pretty much all of them, i've been wanting to join here, but my msn was messed then it worked, so im not new around gta. so..yeah
  11. 1. My ps2 is broken XD 2. My Vcs My brother smashed it. 3. Iv, im playing a diff game XD
  12. you no, i even own the car place, by salvatores. -No Hacks -No Cheats How?: Beat all the car missions [car salesman] then people actually buy cars, but "there not there" and the money adds up and you can take it :3. its fun.
  13. i want to find a way to hack threw that. the upstate in the shorsidevale cave it says "UPSTATE" but then.. i try nothing [for psp] so, if you would like to help me get to the upstate feel free XD.
  14. witch comes to, flying a helicopter, ANYWHERE to anything. i will explore anywhere just give me a topic and i will do it.
  15. I have a save game file, witch holds unlimtied ammunation, includes. alot of weps even has smoke grenades, if someone tells me how to add a file to internet to download il give you it.
  16. yes, i don't care nothing brings me down XD. i just make em for fun. i just wanna no how to get more profile views or subsribers.
  17. and superman, because.. there is no skin thing or etc, and were would i add it ?
  18. i have 22 videos, but i only got 7000 views in total.. So how can i get popular. More then 4 subscribers.. My Youtube is gohan2314.. Aha, Erm.. So?
  19. there is no skin folder... or anything for skin how do i get new clothes?
  20. there is no "change clothes" option, and no skin folder... errr, O.o?
  21. LOL, I've never seen that before. That has to be a glitch...unless they were smoking a cig and dropped it on their very flammable pants. I think it's funny when a ped gets hit by a car and then the driver gets out and beats the shit out of them. Yesterday I saw a cop running after someone, so I decided to help the cop out and chased and knocked down the ped...but then the cop turned his gun on me...fucking asshole. Lol, i jumped beside one of them and then.. 5 of them attacked me O.o
  22. im posting alot of gta threads, witch might count as spam.. i guess, well. they were pointless i only got 1 thread response... But im sorry im massive posting new threads..
  23. PRE ORDER IT AT GAME STOP that means you get it right when they get it in stock! w00t... also its 34.99+tax
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