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  1. go to downloads go to the one that either says Claude-speed or pspismyname [original name pspismyname] and get a great save file there is a hunter helicopter UN DESTRUCTABLE UN DESTRUCTABLE CARs
  2. Claude-Speed

    help me with a sig?

    if you could could you sort of make it it like the one up to i mean like a banner and have things like that and saying the gta region
  3. Claude-Speed

    GTA VCS.

    i beat all gta's so far... But, man.. THIS ONE WAS THE BEST. But in gta VICE CITY. thats not vic who dies. It was 3 years later i belive i dunno... LOL, vic doesn't get a hunchback, and he isn't into drugs people say its "Pete Vance" Vic vance, LEAVES VICE CITY. but lance comes back...Also, What Happens to CJ, And tommy...? And Claude..
  4. Claude-Speed

    Grand Theft auto VCs help?

    too get secret cars, like in LCS If there is please tell me..
  5. Claude-Speed

    My thoughts of GTA lll = REMIXED!

    im thinking of a new grand-theft-auto. Something that will have teh man CLAUDE in it. But, it reveals his voice.. Or im thinking like Grand theft Auto: 3version 2. The Return to Liberty City. Systems: -xbox -ps2 -psp [LOL] Grand theft Auto: 3version 2. The Return to Liberty City. Im thinking it will behmm .. lets say claude left Liberty city, but is returning [GRAPHics are the same ones as gta 3.] And the down is in Destroya/ destroyed. All the gangs are down, even the leone' joey was killed. And the hole mafia was gone/desserted, so you work your ways up to get the job as the don' They'll still be called the leones but in the end you become the don' Includes: in missions CJ [lets just say he returns ] You no a 100%-pro modder could do that. [mission editor.] My other i dea is GTA 3 REMIX VERSION 2. [same version but gta 4 graphics and same missions and stuff
  6. Claude-Speed

    Maybe Ideas?

    Maybe, They could make one, were.. Well, actually i was always thinking you got to design your character, So im going a little to saints row here. To be able to design your own character. But they give your dude the main characters name. thats all xp[
  7. ever since.. i beat gta 3 and vice city, i felt like i was PRO. so i played san andreas.. I beat it, i was happy... Then i beat the next 2.. LCS AND VCS. I FELT UNSTOPPABLE... So i took a break, i bought SA again.. beat it 2 more times.. for fun! then i got GTA IV. I played around, didn't do what i usually do i usually do mission for mission, but this one i played around had fun.. then i relized, Hey.. This isn't me.. then i did the missions. So what is your favorite mission in GTA SA? MY favorite.. The One were you go to liberty city [forget name] Hardest: NONE,
  8. Claude-Speed


    for numb.3 i want to no, how do i download them and inster them
  9. From returning, who did he kill I want to no this, because i heard "toni Ran out because he killed a made man" but who is the made man, and why did he return?
  10. if so tell me and i'l go to it. Also, do i need custom firmware for cheat device? -PSP.
  11. Claude-Speed

    rick roll song =v.2?

    its so funny someone did a voice over.. watch it i crapped my pants
  12. Claude-Speed

    Horrid virus..

    i havent been on my pc because i think it has a trojan, when i start it up it says go in with recovry mode recovery mode with promting and normally so i click normally i've tried all 3 and a blue screen pops up, it tells me to delete anti-virus, WHEn i can't even start my pc up...
  13. Claude-Speed

    My Reaction To a zelda game

    So i was playing ocarina of time. I was walking threw here, it says something about spiders that fall from roof, so i was like MEH. im good i can win. so one jumps on link, in real life i jumped So high that i started laughing from how scared i got. LOL.
  14. Claude-Speed

    My Reaction To a zelda game

    It was on the roof O.O It randomly jumps on you.
  15. Claude-Speed

    My Reaction To a zelda game

    i beat all gta's except for the lost and the damed
  16. Claude-Speed

    Website creators?

    i was isterested by this website, so i just want a beginner site "lol" to make one free-webs = UBER FAIL Piczo = UBER MC UBERTON FAIL. so yeah.
  18. This is a funny video of gta san andreas mods.
  19. cheezburger pl0x

  20. Claude-Speed

    Website creators?

    110mb doesnt work..
  21. THE WATCH THE RICKROLL v.2 song and play obamasworld club http://superobamaworld.com/
  22. Claude-Speed

    Grand Theft Auto: ChinaTown Wars Intro Movie!

    AHAHAHa, i told you. Not a real way to be mature and actually earn credit throughout the community. I didn't really watch, want to play the game for myself (: yeah thats true. LOL
  23. Claude-Speed

    Grand Theft Auto: ChinaTown Wars Intro Movie!

    AHAHAHa, i told you.
  24. Claude-Speed


    npt rally helping.