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  1. ever since.. i beat gta 3 and vice city, i felt like i was PRO. so i played san andreas.. I beat it, i was happy... Then i beat the next 2.. LCS AND VCS. I FELT UNSTOPPABLE... So i took a break, i bought SA again.. beat it 2 more times.. for fun! then i got GTA IV. I played around, didn't do what i usually do i usually do mission for mission, but this one i played around had fun.. then i relized, Hey.. This isn't me.. then i did the missions. So what is your favorite mission in GTA SA? MY favorite.. The One were you go to liberty city [forget name] Hardest: NONE,
  2. My parents pwn, i spill something.. "SPENCER WHAT DID YOU SPILL?" Me "pop..." mom "oh, clean it up soon." me "OKAY"
  3. i beat all gta's so far... But, man.. THIS ONE WAS THE BEST. But in gta VICE CITY. thats not vic who dies. It was 3 years later i belive i dunno... LOL, vic doesn't get a hunchback, and he isn't into drugs people say its "Pete Vance" Vic vance, LEAVES VICE CITY. but lance comes back...Also, What Happens to CJ, And tommy...? And Claude..
  4. Go on youtube, search gohan2314. go to the GTA LIBERTY CITY Surprize. Its made by me, i just want to see if you think its fake. Spoiler How i got:
  5. i didn't pick its very boring... I picked the other one its fun.. XD
  6. this game comes, out march 17th 2009. the price for starters is 34.99$, You can pre-order the game from www.gamestop.com in the search pannel right GTA CHINATOWN WARS. And you pre-order it, they send it to your house when they get it in stock. this game, revolves around Liberty city, in china town.. Basicly, its almost the full GTA IV map, just the long part on the left is CUT OFF. You play as a guy named yuang.. something i belive, And its interesting, because he is in the... Police computer in gta iv. This game you really are avenging, your father.. But it is a long road.
  7. so i' was on the last mission REALLY fun, So i had to pick out of one person.... of the Two to die... And the choices were But there are 2 things that you decide to pick so i picked the other one.. not because.. I thought it would be bad i forgot what the one i picked was... but if you pick So its fun for the one that dies in, you get to drive a sanchez of a ramp into a helicopter... Sort of... the one You well.. Just, watch there wedding... Then they die... So i picked the other person, so i would get a better ending.
  8. nothing like in san andreas, its just a big green grass thing with a jump at the end..nothing special there... gta sa was different.
  9. Yeah, I dont think i can add youtube things but, if you would like to see go to if that didn't work http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=DeUgu5PNC94&...re=channel_page Its Just a short video.. Me riding a manchez to the heli. Il make another vid soon.
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