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  1. bug72

    I have to share this with TGTAP

    0,384,31200,51536,125392,76064,76256,83968,116736,68064,67920,68048,100656,18720,31168,0 sounds and looks good 0,0,0,14336,0,2048,0,512,0,128,64,64,64,4,2,2 simple
  2. bug72

    Do you get pissed off at kids?

    most little kids piss me off ...mostly my little brother!
  3. bug72

    How to fix a scratched disc?

    when I have a scratched disk I usually use a window cleaner and spray it on. then take a paper towl and wash it!
  4. bug72

    Space Travel in GTA

    Well space travel could be stretching it. I think it would be dumb, but maybe in a game besides GTA...
  5. bug72

    Have you been banned on another forum?

    well.................no none that i can think of...but i have been close!
  6. bug72

    The Toilet Seat

    honestly in my opinion...In think that i can see why girls would get mad about this kinda stuff. I think its because its kind of a universal rule and i guess they grew up going with this rule . but i think guys can get mad a women just as easily for puting the seat down!
  7. Post more so I don't look like an idiot for making you join. :/


  8. bug72

    What are you currently playing?

    Well...recentally I have been playing through re4 for the 100'th time lol Other than that ...I've been playing... -all my NES games!!! XD -God of War -SOTC -Ico -and Combat Arms!!!
  9. bug72

    Introduce Yourself..

    whats up? my name is Evan Allen. I live in humboldt county i am curently a freshman, and i'm Nathans cousin[Nate10].... so....sup