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  1. Someguy42

    What exactly happened?

    It is kind of saddening to see a forum ''die'. I was never the most active person here but I still enjoyed reading discussions others would have.
  2. Someguy42

    First car?

    In GTA:O, my first car was a Declasse Asea which the game gave for the first race (still have it), and the first one I bought was an Entity XF (starting big!) In story mode, outside of cars that you have to use for missions and the main characters' cars, it was a Carbonizzare. As soon as I saw it, I stole it.
  3. Someguy42

    American muscle cars

    Is the Dukes in GTA5!? I miss that car! Sadly, it is not in GTA 5.
  4. Someguy42

    Money, Money, Money...and snow

    I haven't played in a while, but I hear that all sorts of crazy stuff is happening. A friend of mine created a new XBL account, and went to GTA:O. As soon he was done creating his character and got through the tutorial, he joined a lobby. After that, he found himself amidst a sea of money. Supposedly, R* is fixing this with the next patch though, removing money obtained through exploits, and punishing the exploiters. But people have found ways to glitch around all these patches, let's see what happens.
  5. Someguy42

    Grand Theft Auto V Now Available Worldwide

    Well, it isn't available here, so haha Take Two.
  6. Someguy42

    IGN's Hands-on with GTA Online

    Thanks for posting it, Chris. Even though I didn't care for GTA IV's multiplyer (or GTA 1's multiplayer, or SAMP), this looks like it'll be a blast
  7. Someguy42

    First Hands-on Previews of GTAV & New Screenshots

    Just finished reading it. I'm loving that ''city at night'' screenshot.
  8. This isn't even my final form!!

  9. Someguy42

    Which system will you be getting GTA V on?

    I'm getting for Xbox. Even if I could play it on PC, my friends would still be all on the 360. Apparently the game is getting here on the 19th (supposedly because of menus and subtitles in portuguese). I wonder if I can get a version in english before that. Probably not. And on top of that, there's a postal strike programmed to happen on september 17th.
  10. Someguy42

    12 New GTA V Screens: The Fast Life

    Escaping the cops on quad bike, wearing just shorts. Nice one, Trevor. And that marine helicopter looks very cool.
  11. Someguy42

    Niko is Pretty Upset About GTAV

    This isn't what I got 100% for...
  12. Someguy42

    Xbox 1 versus Playstation 4

    I ain't getting neither at launch. Next thing you know, there will people all over the place saying the it isn't what they really thought and there's X problem and Y problem. No thank you. Besides, they cost more than 4 times their real value here (not unlike what I expected). So yeah. I'll have to wait and see if my love for Forza will make me take a side. (things like always on and used games thing don't bother me, I'm always on and I don't share games, not even with my friends). Also, Forza is the only exclusive I'm interested. The multiplatform games, that's where it's at.
  13. Someguy42

    9 New GTAV Screens

    Godamn, look at the huge area on the screenshot with the plane. Awesome.
  14. Someguy42

    GTAForum members strike again

    You'd think they do that with a more recent release such as Max Payne 3. Cool way to promote GTA V, anyway.