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  1. yeah true and amzon have sold out of copies and some people are gonna have to wait til november i got mine with game uk £34.50 and i get a bandana with it
  2. im getting it for both PS2 and PC
  3. you were speaking to mw right i put it in dutch if you want lol
  4. games-master

    my website

    yeah i did i like it it must of took you some time creating it
  5. Lucky americans so there be playing the game now
  6. games-master

    my website

    ok i think its a good site i like the skeltons
  7. Well said person123 i think its a good idea to have 30 post before advertising and Fusion with your atittude i wouldn't want to join your site anyway
  8. spyrolot your sigs ok but i don't like it much San_Andreas_fan I don't like your sig
  9. what ever dische try its gonna be the same message i had this on one of my computers i would sugest e-mail rockstar telling them what error message you get
  10. i've already pre orded it and i live in london
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