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  1. good, these are my latest mods I do for vc :'( not perfect but very entertaining Here you will find my mods, choose the one you like best My mods BYE
  2. hi men i need help... you know create your own peds? or you only can convert from another gta?

    please answerme on my profile.

  3. GTA VC the best ever, I love its atmosphere, its history really is a lot like the movie "Scarface" and how easy it is to edit jejeje.
  4. Am a Tommy Vercetty fan

  5. Please, Please, I need help about how to make a 3d model of a ped or one tutorial of this. PD: NEED A WRITTEN NOT A VIDEO TUTORIAL.
  6. ami me paso eso cuando intente correr el gta sa con un pc que tenia 32 megas e tarjeta de video
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