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  1. nope, still wont work, and now the one server that DID work, wont!
  2. when i try to connect to a server i get this message: this has happened on all servers ive tried except one
  3. has anbody actually thought if its a jet ski?
  4. thats on maxbot.com, but modding skins is impossible on PS2 i think... thats what google is for!
  5. you just replied to a VERY old topic
  6. thanks, a mod can delete this topic now
  7. whenever i want to add a mod and delete some things E.G stinger.txd it comes up with "dir.. file might be in use.... exciting.." the gta3 image file isnt read-only, so whats happening?
  8. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU ON ABOUT? it doesnt crash your game at all, i save everytime i use it and my savegame isnt glitchy and doesnt crash
  9. your a member of Gtaforums.com am i right? your the one with multiple accounts
  10. cars, boats, planes, helicopters, clothes, weapons, safehouses, things like that
  11. in english? and maybe in the right forum?
  12. i was thinking that in gta4 rock* could create a program where you can make a mod yourself, put it on the memory card then start up gta and use the mod. do you like this idea?
  13. the part where toni gets in the cab on the intro vid?
  14. #cheat glass house // creates glass house on top of love media building where you deliver cars etc. moveto(79.66,-1507.99,218.28); object(0x0CDB,0,0,180); move(5.02,0.01,0.00); object(0x0CDB,0,0,180); move(-0.12,0.09,0.10); object(0x0CDB,0,0,180); move(-7.39,2.40,-0.20); object(0x0CDB,0,0,270); move(0.00,4.97,0.00); object(0x0CDB,0,0,270); move(9.86,-5.01,0.00); object(0x0CDB,0,0,270); move(0.00,4.95,0.00); object(0x0CDB,0,0,270); move(-7.37,2.55,0.00); object(0x0CDB,0,0,180); move(-0.03,-2.45,2.50); object(0x0CDB,90,0,180); move(5.01,-0.10,0.00); object(0x0CDB,90,0,180); move(-0.09,-4.99,0.00); object(0x0CDB,90,0,180); move(-5.00,0.14,0.00); object(0x0CDB,90,0,180); move(5.11,9.59,-1.20); object(0x0CDB,60,0,181); move(0.16,4.20,-2.50); object(0x0CDB,60,0,181); move(-0.27,-16.37,6.13); object(0x0CDB,0,0,180); move(-4.97,-0.04,0.00); object(0x0CDB,0,0,180); move(-2.38,2.48,0.00); object(0x0CDB,0,0,270); move(0.03,5.02,0.00); object(0x0CDB,0,0,270); move(9.68,-0.13,0.00); object(0x0CDB,0,0,270); move(-0.06,-4.92,0.00); object(0x0CDB,0,0,270); move(-7.13,7.48,0.00); object(0x0CDB,0,0,180); move(4.74,-7.51,2.40); object(0x0CDB,90,0,180); move(-0.03,4.99,0.00); object(0x0CDB,90,0,180); move(-4.68,-0.10,0.00); object(0x0CDB,90,0,180); move(0.04,-4.94,0.00); object(0x0CDB,90,0,180); move(5.32,5.08,1.82); object(0x0CDB,45,0,270); move(0.15,-5.01,0.00); object(0x0CDB,45,0,270); #cheat second safehouse // this is opposite liberty campus moveto(282.79,-155.78,23.74); object(0x01BF,180,180,180); move(-6.13,-1.37,0.00); object(0x01BF,180,180,158); move(3.86,-4.90,0.20); object(0x01BF,180,180,180); move(-4.12,-4.13,0.00); object(0x01BF,180,180,90); move(3.71,0.48,-1.60); object(0x0F96,180,180,0); move(0.57,-3.92,1.40); object(0x01BF,180,180,0); move(4.27,0.34,-0.16); object(0x01BF,180,180,336); move(-5.08,3.32,3.40); object(0x01BF,90,180,90); move(6.38,-0.22,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,180,90); move(-3.29,6.96,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,180,0); move(-6.41,-0.58,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,180,342); move(2.06,-22.98,-2.70); object(0x0FBE,180,180,278); move(-0.42,13.87,-2.80); object(0x0F2B,180,180,345); move(-1.91,2.89,0.04); object(0x0D0A,180,180,296); move(15.08,15.43,1.28); object(0x01BF,235,180,0); move(-0.04,5.93,-1.90); object(0x01BF,90,180,0); move(-6.78,-0.20,-1.40); object(0x01BF,65,180,271); move(4.43,-22.80,8.40); object(0x01BF,180,180,357); move(-0.01,3.82,0.00); object(0x0F9A,180,180,270); move(-3.60,0.12,0.00); object(0x01BF,180,180,269); move(7.20,-0.52,0.00); object(0x01BF,180,180,269); move(-3.73,-0.27,2.30); object(0x01BF,270,180,0); move(-0.30,0.61,-4.60); object(0x01BF,270,180,93); move(0.42,3.65,0.23); object(0x0239,180,180,357); #cheat portland police department upgrade moveto(1145.17,-672.11,17.06); object(0x01BF,0,0,0); move(-0.03,-5.21,0.00); object(0x01BF,0,0,0); move(-9.40,17.90,0.00); object(0x01BF,0,0,270); move(-0.04,7.90,0.00); object(0x01BF,0,0,270); move(-0.04,7.90,0.00); object(0x01BF,0,0,270); move(-0.03,5.40,0.00); object(0x01BF,0,0,270); move(3.97,3.79,0.00); object(0x01BF,0,0,0); move(7.17,1.98,0.00); object(0x01BF,0,0,330); move(-11.00,-45.69,0.00); object(0x01BF,0,0,270); move(0.06,-7.90,0.00); object(0x01BF,0,0,270); move(0.04,-4.80,0.00); object(0x01BF,0,0,270); move(3.81,-3.98,0.00); object(0x01BF,0,0,180); move(7.90,0.02,0.00); object(0x01BF,0,0,180); move(4.09,3.93,0.00); object(0x01BF,0,0,90); move(-12.11,53.12,3.50); object(0x01BF,90,0,359); move(0.14,-6.67,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,359); move(0.09,-6.57,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(-0.06,-6.72,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(-0.05,-6.65,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(-0.05,-6.58,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(-0.05,-6.77,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(-0.05,-6.68,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(0.21,-6.62,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(7.90,0.06,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(-0.01,6.68,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(-0.05,46.40,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(0.00,-6.35,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(0.00,-6.59,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(0.00,-6.73,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(0.00,-6.71,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(-0.10,-6.61,0.00); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(0.01,-6.49,-0.20); object(0x01BF,90,0,0); move(6.90,36.80,-1.46); object(0x01BF,60,0,270);
  15. why has this forum sort of died recently? theres been only a couple of posts ( vast majority being mine) in the last couple of weeks and it's BORING
  16. i didnt put it there, i think it was made by the cheat device
  17. i was going through my psp root when i found gta log.txt, whats it for?
  18. i would like to be able to name vids and pics so i dont save over them cheat device v9!! coming soon.. i was just cruising some forums and found this, this was said by edison himself QUOTE In Construction Mode in 0.9 you'll have direct control over your position with the arrow buttons and analog stick to fly and position yourself anywhere and you create objects in front of you and interactively position them. The codes for what you build are automatically logged to cheats.txt. v0.9 introduces new object creation functions that are simpler and shorter than using setfloat and setshort directly. and some gifs too
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