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  1. GTA IV should definitely be set in London or the scottish Rockstar North will probably set in Edinburgh or Glasgow, in Scotland. Grand Theft Scotto, or in my County/State, Grand Theft Auto IV: Lancashire. I'd probably star in it, in my Hometown, Blackburn!
  2. The driver is right, I don't know how to post a picture but he's right, this glitch only works with a Mountain bike. Get on a mountain bike, reverse and press X fast. This has also been posted on GTAforums.com, the topic was called Melting CJ.
  3. I knew that! LOL, I forgot about typing easter eggs so I typed in glitches instead. I'll try to find new "Easter Eggs", the ones that have not been found yet. About the parking signs in San Fierro, if you do happen to see those signs and park your vehicle there, one pedestrian (any) comeswith a Golf club or even a shovel and starts whacking your car, it's so funny!
  4. See, it's always easier and better if you had a Ps2 and Grand theft Auto: San Andreas on it!
  5. In Downtown Los Santos, opposite Inside Track Betting, there is a car park and a paying machine and on the paying machine it has PAYSTATION written on it and at has two logos of the letter P in a circle, red colour and it looks exact like the Playstation logos. No Pic but discovered it ages ago also in San Fierro near Juniper Hill area there are parking signs next to the pavements that has "Don't Even Think About Parking Here" sign written on it. There is the exact same sign but different colour next to the Exit/ Entrance inside a bar (One where you can play pool, not Lil' Probe Inn)
  6. Even though everyone knows and, I'll tell you, you went into Ganton gym, shot the living crap outta the ppl in the gym, spawned a jetpack, went near the entrance, flew up saw a pitch plack area (Black hell/ invisible world), flew around for a while, u saw people walking on top of you and then flew around again and saw that crane. Mate, Iv'e seen this before so it's nothing new and Ghost, I agree because beginners don't know what day it is!
  7. Has anyone realised this that when you are flying the hydra and you shoot out rockets, they appear to release back to front, what I mean is the back part comes out first rather than the front part!
  8. I really wanna see a Hydra in GTA IV, thats the best Flying craft their is, nothing can beat the Hydra and plus the Hydra should have a Machine Gun attatched to it aswell as the rockets.
  9. That, my friend is the light of the sun, that turns big at around 5:00 am. I couldn't find or reach the sky door. By the way I have 100 BILLION times more cash than you and my CJ is Da Don of San Andreas, Making him fat, wearing Brown shoes from Didier Sachs, gray pants and shirt, Gold Crowex watch and a Dollar sign Chain with Black rim shades. His hair is Bald with a Goatee.
  10. You know that PS3 also has DVD roms, doesn't it so GTA IV would be bigger than San Andreas. It should have water sports if you can swim. CJ has to be in it!
  11. Hi, are there any mods for the PS2 version of san andreas, if there are then can someone please reply back here? If there are then they should be Action Replay Max (PAL, not NTSC) codes. Are they in codes or something else? I need them because my friend thinks that his Turismo's and banshees and all the other cars he has, thinks they're better than mine. Let me get the codes for Skins, Cars, map and whatever there is to mod, even if I have to modify the whole game, then I'll be the daddy of San Andreas in Blackburn!
  12. How can anyone say that about the GTA games? I bet you that before San Andreas came out, you lot were REALLY egged on, really excited and dying for news, info and updates. Now after all that you're saying "this games this, this games that, this is shit abot SA, that is shit about SA, GTA III looks crap" Or whatever the hell you said about SA or the other GTA. No other free roam game can compete against San Andreas. I have Driver Parallel lines and I wonder that why is the whole state of New York miniturized? TK, the guy in parallel lines can't even swim, he says "Nice day for a dip" or "I hate swimming". OK, so GTA III and Vice city lacks the swimming feature, but at least enjoy San Andreas, the best RPG like, free roaming or the best game in the whole universe EVER made (as I stated in one of the GTA IV topics). Imagine what Rockstar feel about this, after putting their sweat and blood into these games and youre complaining as if you people invented the whole GTA series you are gamers and gamers are supposed to be enjoying not complaining. I hope you understand.
  13. My friend, back in high school in June 2000 said that he had GTA 2 and he said that if you make your character jump onto a bike, the game instantly switches from 2D to 3D. Now I don't believe that but is it true? The GTA mystery still lives.
  14. GTA 1, the game that started it all, I remember in 1998, couldn't stop playing this game at my cousins house, all the shooting, the free roam "sob, sob" this game was so beautifully made the tank and everything. Ahhh, and now I have a Gameboy emulator on my Nokia N70 and 3 games, Mortal Kombat 4, Pokemon Gold (don't take piss outta me, it's an enjoyable game with all the Pokemons and all these moves) and, and GTA1!!!! Yesssss, the king of all the games is on my fone, still doing the Liberty City Missions.
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