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  1. Bit like a burglar offering home security!! And if your so experienced why post your application in the 'MULTIPLAYER' forum????
  2. I got banned from posting on a site called TheYNC.com for 'Cloning another users I.D'. The so called victim of my crime was a muppet called KUWAITIDUDE01 who made the most ridiculous comments and was hated by everyone on the site. Anyway- one day I decided to create a new account; KUWAITIDUDE01. and began posting apologies to everyone each time he said something stupid. He went off his cake and started ranting that it was'nt him so each time he did that I would make a reply saying the opposite. Everyone thought it was hilarious but I was soon rumbled after he complained to the moderators. Tried doing it again but my IP address is blocked.
  3. Take out a very large life insurance policy for the nearest and dearest. Oh, and try desperatly to turn my watch back an hour............every hour!
  4. Vice City for me. The Miami setting just seemed to give off a great vibe, an updated version would be welcome but do Rockstargames take any notice of what their customer base? I think forums like this is what they should really take note of, after all we are the die-hard GTA fans.
  5. How about GTA Venice? Or would that be Grand Theft Gondola?
  6. Hello people! Hoping this site is better than some other GTA Forums I've tried.
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