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  1. Evan Fett

    Help with "Life's a Beach"

    Don't be an asshole
  2. Evan Fett

    Help with "Life's a Beach"

    Think about it. If I had SANGA + Hot Coffe, how would I have version 2....
  3. I seem to have a similar problam with this mission. Everytime I do it right as start dancing I crash every single time. And I *CAN* do the dancing part. I've done it at the club before. It's just this mish. Can someone please do this for me unless it crashes on your PC as well. Also every time I download a 100% save off of thegtaplace.com none of them work. Anyone know why? Thanks in advance. Also I have the SANGA + Hot Coffe mod on mine. PS: CJ may look like a retard on your PC unless you have JVT's clothing mod. I have solved my 100% save issue. See quote. GTASAsf2.rar
  4. Evan Fett

    Technical Issues

    Nope it is right after a fresh install Problem resolved. Lock Topic please.
  5. Evan Fett

    America becoming one country.

    Interesting conspiracy theroy you got going there. It'll never happen. Bush will be out of there before any of those things happens
  6. Evan Fett

    Radio Tracks

    You could also try to burn onto a DVD
  7. Evan Fett

    New Character or Old Character?

    It will most likely be a new guy but it would be cool if it was a new girl. It would be even better if you could create your own character.
  8. Evan Fett

    Technical Issues

    I have reinstalled it twice with two different copies....
  9. Evan Fett

    Technical Issues

    Every time I start SA it plays the intro and everything but as soon as the menu is supposed to load SA crashes. I have the minimum specs so I don't know what is going on.