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  1. Dave Yak

    Rockstar Officially Announce GTA IV

    http://www.gamespot.com/e3/e3story.html?sid=6149698 Gamespot reports an xbox 360 exclusive. Chech the time 12:22 and it says xbox 360 exclusive. But they must be wrong because Rockstar's website says it will be for PS3 as well.
  2. Dave Yak

    Whos your favourite character

    You really can't beat Samuel L. Jackson, Big Kahoonah burger! That's that hawaiin burger joint... I hear they have some tasty burgers.
  3. Dave Yak

    New Buildings and Places

    Much of what you said is rather off topic but I do like your idea of the chopper shop. Make it like orange county choppers. All the rest is offtopic.
  4. Dave Yak

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    And if Rockstar did that the game probably would never make it to shelves. Especially in other countries than america.. because america lets go of a lot. And i agree, it's not a horror game. I'd rather see time spent on Ragdoll* and Nature.* When someone gets hit by a car, i don't want to see guts, i want to see their bodies flipping and twirling in the area like real life. I'm not into the pre-animated bodies being thrown everywhere. Take a look at Saint's Row, they have ragdoll and I'm 70% sure that Rockstar has already implemented ragdoll code.
  5. Dave Yak

    Whos your favourite character

    I'm white, i listen to jazz and rock(screaming is my fave). And Officer Tenpenny is my favorite. Nobody beats Samuel L. Jackson.
  6. Dave Yak

    A Whole new Idea

    http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1433 that's what this thread is for.
  7. Dave Yak

    GTA Carcer City, Anyone?

    I would definitely like to see this game take place in a setting like 2050. Rockstar is really creative, and as long as they didn't go too overboard with sci-fi, they game would definitely be new and fullfilling
  8. Dave Yak

    WHo should You Be

    I could see choosing a race and facial features like tiger woods and the godfather only if the game focused on a mysterious person who wasn't really the focus and didn't have any family ties like CJ. I would like it if you had a list of names to choose from... Like R* recorded like 30 sound clips of voice actors saying different names so they can insert the names where ever a person says their name. Bad idea?
  9. Dave Yak

    New Stores

    they should bring back the hardware stores, not just hardware though... maybe kitchen equipment. Maybe a furniture store to put new things in your safe houses. Like animal crossings.
  10. Dave Yak

    What did you dislike about GTA 3?

    I hate not being able to shift the camera angle manually when you're driving around. I'm so used to that with San Andreas. GTA III could have used motorcycles. Drowning was dumb. Having no assets made the game boring. GTA III .... ALWAYS RAINING, that is the MOST annoying thing about it.
  11. Dave Yak

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    In an attempt to put this thread back on track: I want a mission where you can use a robot to do certain actions. Defuse a bomb, find a piece of evidence, put out a fire. Something random. P.S. STOP BICKERING AT ONE ANOTHER!!!! YOU HAVE NOTHING TO PROVE!!!! YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW EACH OTHER!!!! And that's what really grinds my gears
  12. Dave Yak

    GTA Carcer City, Anyone?

    Maybe a GTA IV trilogy where they take GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas and make prequils for each of them. How each player came to be in their own situations.
  13. Dave Yak


    For the usual car dealer, you should be able to have 4 or 5 garages set up, and what ever is in each garage is a different car thats in your show room. So you can customize which cars are in your show room. It's nice to an infernus or a banchee spawn there all the time.
  14. What do you mean also gives us the opportunity to estimate what is still deditable in GTA4?
  15. Dave Yak

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    A) GTA has already been set in New York, named after "Liberty Island" in real life New York. B ) Rockstar has a license for GTA Japan, so it's a posibility. C) There has been a lot of talk to england as an upcoming location.