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    Mods on SE

    I hate SE . It's no fun without mods. Does anyone know how to mod or if you even can?
  2. When it comes to this crap I wanna slam my head at a wall for real! I get a message upon startup that says Parsing error. WTF does that mean? I Hate this crap, I think I'll give up on it now. Too much BS if you ask me.
  3. The Game - 300 Bars and Runnin' (G-Unot Diss) HaHa I love it.
  4. Gav

    No CD

    I can't figure out how to install the no cd hack. It didn't come with a readme and when I tried to figure it out myself, it said the Disk was write-protected. Anyone?
  5. Gav

    GTA Ryders Revenge

    Double thread??? No, but this IS a good idea, and I wish you luck on this mod.
  6. Gav

    *SPOILERS* The Almighty Q&A Topic!

    Q#019: How do I replace the main.scm (Main executable) of San Andreas??? I've asked a thousand people, on a thousand different occasions, and no one tells me. Please, help me.
  7. Gav

    No mods in v2

  8. Gav

    Annoying glich..

    Yup, your skrewd. Same thing happened to me and I had to restart.
  9. Gav

    No mods in v2

    Please say yes.
  10. Gav

    No mods in v2

    How do I replace main.scm Could someone give me step-by-step instructions on how and where to get to it. Much appreciated.
  11. Gav

    V2 Game Saves

    How do I replace main.scm?
  12. Gav

    easter eggs

    I have seen a floating forest. I will post a screenshot when I make one. You have to be in the badlands and look up.
  13. Gav

    querie about the MTA - SA

    Have you guys tried GTAT(Tournament). It is Deathmatch and supports up to 96 players(Maybe more).
  14. Do you need version 1.0 to play it?
  15. Gav

    What cars would you like to see modded?

    1994 Honda Civic LS I like plain and simple.
  16. Gav

    v2 ....hmmmm

    Yes that's what my friend did(supposedly). Try it out.
  17. Gav


    Oh, thanks.
  18. How do I remove the write protection from SA?
  19. Gav


    On mine it is already unchecked(read-only). Is it because I have V2? Or am I doing something wrong? EDIT: Oh, the folder? Like in the start menu? EDIT2: Sweet it worked, thanks!
  20. Gav

    No mods in v2

    How do I get to the root. Is that the main folder?
  21. Gav

    No CD

    Ok, I fixed it but what is the main executable? It says to replace this but I cannot find it.
  22. Gav

    *SPOILERS* The Almighty Q&A Topic!

    Q#018: My SA glitched after modding(I have second edition) and after I got rid of all the mods it still won't load(Gets halfway through the loading screen and stops). Do I have to reinstall the game(It takes 30 Min!!)?
  23. Gav


    Umm... This kinda sounds like 25 to Life. But this will be better cuz 25 suxx. Great idea.
  24. Gav

    City of Zombies Mod

    If you do make this mod, make the player seem as helpless as possible. Just like the movies. This is a great idea.
  25. Gav

    No mods in v2

    ^^ Off Topic! Back to Modding. How do you install No Cd Hack?