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  1. KOTS

    Memorable Quotes

    "EAT MY SH*T!!!" is epic lol
  2. KOTS

    Favourite Place in SA

    driving in the desert listening to some rock/metal songs is relaxing.
  3. KOTS

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    * Mission replay system. Can replay any (storyline)mission that were done. Sometimes I miss a mission and there were no savefiles before it, all I can do to replay that mission is to start over the whole game. * Able to sell cars/car parts throughout the game. Steal a car and sell the parts in black market is a cool way to make money! * Stealh kill ability like the one in manhunt * More in-safehouse activities like decorating, write and paste notes on fridge, listen to Music * I personally love to see Maccer and Umberto Robina again. * Heads that don't just disappear when popped! * Wanted level system of GTA4, with collectible bribes also existent. * Interactions with peds. Can activate a menu with the things you want to do with a ped. Such as: ask directions, compliment on their clothes, random chat, say shit to piss them off... * Destroyable buildings/environments. You can crash a house by bumping into it. After that it can be seen rebuilt by construction workers.
  4. KOTS

    Introduce Yourself..

    HI my name is brian, and i like to ride in the desert of san andreas