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  1. Steven, it says that your file has expired. Maybe try uploading it again?
  2. *Sigh* If some of your mods involve replacing main.scm, and you replace main.scm that you already replaced for a different mod, then that will cause problems. Be sure you didn't do that.
  3. Slayer's Part Correct. If you modified ONLY gta-vc.exe, then you can't install the patch. BTW, if you have New Vice City 2004 mod installed, DO NOT buy Starfish Sam villa OR the police station. It will cause your game to crash a lot. It happened to me. Also, If you have Tommy's Private Island installed, You might (at some time) see absolutely no peds or driving vehicles. DO NOT save the game, or the problem stay forever. I am not sure on how to fix it.
  4. GO to weapons.dat (not in devconsole) and select properties. If the "read only" box is checked, uncheck it and click OK. Then try it.
  5. Hmmmmm... Maybe you already installed it? Try putting in the "PLAY" disk in, see if it works.
  6. You used cheats!!!??? noooooooooooooo... The only cheats you can use that won't affect the game are the health, armor, all weapon cheats, and i think weather cheats. If you used any cheats that say "cheat activated", and you save, it is a big chance that you won't be able to get to 100%.
  7. go to www.rarlab.com . You have to buy it though, i think. EDIT: There is a trial version for it. Just look for it on the website.
  8. Lol... I have had that glitch before with a mod I don't use anymore. It was "tommy's Private Island". There were no peds or cars driving around anymore. Uninstall the mod, and start a new game. There is no need to reinstall the game unless you can't uninstall the mod. OR Just start a new game, but the problem might come back.
  9. Phil DOSEN'T have infinite health. If you read the readme for New Vice City 2004 (I use new vice city), this is what it says: Who/Where/weapon/accuracy/health/price/when Phil/Phil's Trailer/M60/100%/800/$10,000/after the final As you can see, Phil only has 800 health, not infinite. Read readmes you people... P.S. The mod IS good, but if you buy police station, DO NOT save in there! The game will crash after a while. Same for the Starfish Sam villa. DO NOT save there! same as above.
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