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  1. Alrite sorry, didnt mean to offend you
  2. Yer i love the sabre. Shame about the planes but at least they should have helicopters
  3. As I said before its the 2 cops tenpenny and palaski i think the names are.
  4. What cars do you want from previous gtas? I would like the turismo, bullet, slamvan and the banshee to stay in Gta IV. But I do not want the Idaho or the sentinal back coz they slow and boring lol. Post on here what cars you do and dont want in Gta IV. You can do planes and boats aswell if you like.
  5. Rate My Signature. Ive seen this on other forums so thort i might give it a go. OK heres how it works, the first person to post will rate my signature then after that you have to rate the signature of the last person to post. Quite simple once it gets started. Mine isn't very special lol. Lets see how this works out.
  6. The pictures from the first post look real to me but Im not sure if any of them are fake. The other 3 look real tho.
  7. Yeah there are no megaphones at all. Nothing that is that good in VCS compared to other GTAs in the series. I dont like how when you drive a coach they've taken out the bus stops that were in VC which I use to enjoy. I guess the size of the UMD compared to a normal disc limits how much you can have. Also the PSP itself isnt as powerful as the ps2 so that also limits everything. But they have kept the swimming which is a bonus but I dont like how you only get 3 garages and can't buy property.
  8. Oh yeah I remember this from the other week. Really sad to hear about. There are some crazy people out there
  9. Whoa thats cheaper than I thought lol. Thanks
  10. Hey, anyone from australia here know how much SA would cost?
  11. Alright sorry expert i was just wondering
  12. Hey everyone, Im Bling Boy. I know the names seems a bit weird but its my name for everything so dont wanna change it lol. Im new to this Gta forum but have been around on other forums and websites for years so you might recognize the name. Looking forward to getting to know this site and the members on it. I hope i can be helpful and good to talk to. See you round. BB
  13. Hey, anyone here heard of any prereleases of gta 4 like on the internet or xbox live? I know when halo 3 was about to be launched there was a demo on the marketplace.
  14. Yeah the computers can do what they want but its the 2 cops stopping CJ from leaving. When the train goes at high speed at the barrier it will take a while to stop but before it can stop it passes the barrier and you're in. And yeah as they said you get 4 stars but you're safe in the train.
  15. Well if its on land then i gotta say its bulletproof sabre but in air its hunter coz its fast and shoots missiles but keep high or they'll shoot you lol.
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