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  1. It was always planned that there would be 2 DLC packs along with GTA IV. TLAD, and TBOGT are absolutely amazing for expansion packs. Considering the they just offer a different perspective on GTA IV's story they actually feel like different games all together.
  2. Batman: Arkham Asylum, and loving it.
  3. PS3- GTA IV Gran Turismo 5 Prolouge Batman: Arkham Asylum Bejing 2008 Unchartered Metal Gear Solid 4 The Godfather The Godfather 2 Saints Row 2 Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Call of Duty: World at War Fight Night Round 3 Smackdown vs Raw 2009 Motorstorm 360- Bully: Scholarship Edition Dead Rising Project Gotham racing 4 Midnight Club: Los Angelas CSI: Hard Evidence Assassin's Creed Test Drive Unlimited Nascar 2009 RacePRO FarCry 2 Forza 2 Saints Row Moto GP 2006 DS- Race Diver 3 Who Wants to be a Milllionaire GTA CTW I have a PS2 aswell, but can't remember all the games I have.
  4. Absolutely fantastic game. I bought it yesterday, and I haven't been more excited for a game than GTA IV I think. Definitely the best game I've bought all year. I honestly can't fault anything. The visuals are stunning, the story is great so far, the combat is just WOW... I've never really been a fan of superhero games as most are too childish, but this game feels very grown up, and has a gritty/dark feel to it. Even if you're not a huge Batman fan, but love fast paced hand to hand combat you should love Arkham Asylum.
  5. Tommy was 35 in 1986 (He was sent to prison in 1971 15 years prior), and in 2008 he would be 58. Now for U.L Paper to be his father he would have to be in his 70s (realistically). To me the U.L Paper guy looked like he was in his late 40s/early 50s.
  6. You forgot two others that are in Liberty City GTAA, and LCS. Also I'm pretty sure VCS doesn't have any connection to Liberty City at all. I don't really think it's because R* think Liberty City is good. Think about it for a second. Since GTA III what has every GTA set in Liberty City have in common? They were all the first GTAs on their respective platform. GTA III- First GTA on PS2. GTAA- First GTA on the Gameboy Advance. LCS- First GTA on PSP. GTA IV- First GTA on PS3/360. CTW- First GTA on DS. IMO R* use Liberty City as a "base" of sorts for future GTA titles.
  7. I love Las Venturras. The nightlife is awesome plus the mob influence.
  8. i choose Ceasar. He always had CJ's back despite their racial differences at first.
  9. I know what you're saying. Thanks everyone for the rplies. Maybe I just have alot of self control, because the last thing I want to do is knock up some girl that I'm not in love with.
  10. I'm not sure if people will laugh at me or not, but I'm still a virgin at 23 years old. All of my friends lost theirs in high school, and from time to time I've been mocked, because I still haven't lost mine. It's not that I don't want to, I just haven't felt the motivation. Although sometimes it does kind of drag me down with the thought of trying to tell a girl that I'm still a virgin. It just worries me that I'll get laughed at. Does anyone feel like this?
  11. An option as another means of transport would be good, but I don't really think I would like a story revolving around skating. I would buy Skate, or Tony Hawk for that. Anyway it would be cool to do drive bys, or "skate bys". Even roller blades would be cool.
  12. Vice City. Although I love GTA IV, and CTW to me Vice City just oozes style, and character. IMO no other game touches it in these two areas. What I love about Vice City is it's old school GTA. There's no micro management shit in it like GTA IV, or SA. In Vice City I can play it without worrying about maintaining virtual relationships, or keeping other gangs away from my territory. It's just me, and the city.
  13. My list 1- Tie between Niko, and Tommy. 2- Vic 3- Huang Lee 4- CJ 5- Toni 6- Claude
  14. Can't dive underwater? What was so great about it in SA apart from looking at the ocean/river floor, and a few pixelated sea animals? Such a pointless feature to complain about not being in the game IMO.
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