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  1. BuckinFuffalo

    Jonas Brothers suck

    Jonas Brothers = pussy faggots that fail at life.
  2. BuckinFuffalo

    NFL 09/10 Thread

    Two weeks into the pre-season, so I figured I'd start this thread. Two things I have to say... I hope Michael Vick gets good again through this year, (yeah I know, the dog fighting was retarded, but still, I hope he can get back to his old form) and !!!GO COWBOYS!!!
  3. BuckinFuffalo

    Golf In The Olympics?

    After I wrote it I was like duh, only the people in the U.S. and Canada play it. But I think that baseball should be made an Olympic sport before golf. If baseball ever gets added, then I'm fine with there being golf.
  4. BuckinFuffalo

    Golf In The Olympics?

    Didn't see this topic here, so decided to make it. I think 2 or 3 weeks ago I saw on TSN. Now I haven't heard anything else about this since then, so the idea could still be up, or turned down. But anyways, I saw that golf might be added to the Olympics for 2016. I don't think that would be right, since they don't even have baseball, or football in it yet. And anyways golf is boring, I don't think it should be part of the Olympics.
  5. BuckinFuffalo

    The Corrupt a Wish Game

    I started this thread yesterday I think, what happened to it?? And the way it works is you grant the persons wish, but with a catch. Like... I wish my arm wasn't broken Granted, But now your legs are broken. Kinda like that, so here's my wish. I wish I could eat something
  6. nothing too much, how about you?

  7. BuckinFuffalo

    Which sports do you watch mostly?

    I like watching American Football, Hockey, sometimes Basketball, and Dirt Biking. The only time i watch European Football, is if there's a big tournament or something like that.
  8. Right now I don't really have a clue about who's going to make it this year. But I know who I DON'T want to make it, and that is the Steelers, Giants, and Eagles. If none of them make it, I'll be happy, and I think it would be great if my team, the Cowboys, would make it this year.
  9. BuckinFuffalo

    Favorite Movies

    Borat Transformers 1&2
  10. BuckinFuffalo

    Bad Stage Names

    What are some stage names that you think kinda suck. I think that all of Avenged Sevenfold have bad names, I really like them, but seriously, Synyster Gates???
  11. BuckinFuffalo

    The Corrupt a Wish Game

    What you do is grant the above user's wish, but with a catch, and then make your own wish. Example: I wish I was eating tacos right now. Granted, but they're filled with mould. So I'll start... I wish I had my license
  12. BuckinFuffalo

    Demotivational Pictures

    I saw this thread on another site, and it did pretty good. There's over 1,000 pages on it, and it gave me some pretty good laughs, so that's why I'm starting one here. And the picture don't have to be exactly demotivational, just kinda in the the same format. I didn't make these ones...
  13. BuckinFuffalo

    Which Gang is the coolest

    1. Vagos 2. Triads 3. Ballas
  14. BuckinFuffalo

    Favorite Thing to do With SA

    I like putting tons of satchels right across a highway, and then when a car drives over it fast enough, blow it up and watch it go flying. I also like using the huge bike jump cheat, and trying to make it to the top of that big base jump building in Los Santos, it's pretty fun