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    Welcome to Hepburn Heights. The baddest place in Liberty City.


    We run Liberty City. We have the biggest drug importing business in the whole country. All the other gangs in Liberty City fear us. We are taking over more territory and we need more members. We hope you can consider us.



    The Druglord™ || Cam "Pimpeh" McDougall

    He started the Diablos and is still running it today. The gang wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him.

    Underboss || (Open)

    He helps the druglord make all the desicions.

    Consigliere || (Open)

    He also helps in all the desicions in the gang.


    Captian || (Open)

    Heads up all the robbiers.

    Pickpockets || (Open)

    These men are training to become better at robbery.


    Importer || (Open)

    He importes the drug so we can deal them.

    Dealers || (Open)

    These men deal our drugs




    We have our own colors, this is what we require you to wear.

    Something like this, but with your position on it:


    We may add more later.


    We hope you consider the diablos as you climb the ranks in the streets.

  2. noobs2bk.gif

    • Welcome to the guide for noobs. All noobs should take time to read this as it will help you earn respect at these forums.


    • The staff here is dedicated to bringing you what you want so you should get to know them. You should respect them if you want to go far.

    The Staff:


    PyrOxide -- The founder of TGTAP. He installs everything and makes sure everything is running good.

    Millermagic -- Watches over the forums.

    Xenon -- Head of Forum Secruity

    Site Admins:

    Adriaan -- Helps the main site out a lot.

    JarJar -- The new recruit to the staff

    Super Moderators:

    Spasmodically_Insane -- A great supermod and is a veteran.

    SkY^ -- Another great supermod that has been here for a long time.

    General Moderators:

    Crimson -- Nice guy and excellent forum moderator.

    Chris82 -- Been here a while and moderates well.

    mvi -- Very good guy and he is extremely web smart.

    888ball -- Pretty fun guy, most recently added moderator.

    Akuma -- Moderator of general forums

    Area-specific Moderators:

    Genocide -- Moderates the Assault Rifle Republic boards.

    Ghostchild -- Moderates the stunting forums.


    • Once you get here, be nice. Be respectful. And most of all, don't be a smart ass. Nobody likes smart asses.

    • When you post in the introduction topic, just be cool. Tell a bit about yourself and use readable grammar. We would like to see something readable. Nobody is perfect so a few errors are fine. Just don't be like "hai2joo gu7s wo^ld y0u lik3 to b3 m7 fri3n8d?".

    • Make sure to look over rules and other important topics and you will make a good first impression.


    • Want to join a gang, eh? Well you need to be a good poster and a nice guy. I would wait until you have at least 50 posts to apply for a gang so the gang leader can get to know you.

    • So whats the advantage of a gang, you ask? You get to socialize with other members and come respected. You can get into gang warz which is really fun.


    • So you have seen "The GTA Store" eh? Well it is a store that lets you spend eMoney on eItems.

    • Making money is easy. All you have to do is post. There are other ways too. You can take a quiz. Invest money in the bank. Or offer your services in the Trading Stalls.

    • Most items are used in gang warz to put damage on the other gangs but some can be used to change your name, change a member's signature, or give you more bank intrest.

    • Remember, don't blow it all in one place.


    • If you follow this guide, you should become respected and shouldn't get flamed at all. Remember, if you are a complete idiot you can and will get banned. That is something no one wants to happen.

    • Copyright 2005 Pimpeh. All images by Pimpeh. All content by Pimpeh. Done to help out the population of noobs all around. Best viewed in firefox for the transparent images.

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