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  1. *Sigh* Once again......please read this: The reason you should shut down this gang ah screw this, I am tired of warning. I would have respected you had you made those GFX yourself, but seeing as how you didn't, I'm just going to pick on you for making the same dumb mistake all of the other n00bs made....just read the damn topic.

    I'm not a n00b, go to GTAB, I am well respected there. I do not like how you call me a n00b. I've been here since the begin, I was in the first and biggest gang here. I really think you should keep your opinion to yourself about me because I don't really care about, you knob.

  2. i really like your site joey its great

    Its not his forum, its Chris's.

    Welcome to the Forums Wazeta. Don't spam, make double accounts, or any other rule breaking actions. Also check out the gang community, some good looking new gangs there looking to find some members.

  3. Thanks for the kind comments.

    We are a few posts away from 1000, only up for about 3 weeks too.

    GTA Nation is the only good host I could find. I was hoping to get a new host soon, but I am not good with moving forums.

    Call me Jim or GTA Pimp, btw.

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