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  1. We all know his name is not Fido, the only reason we call him that is becuase the only name he was callen by (before GTA SA cleared it all up) was Fido. All us GTA gamers dont like calling him "GTA3 guy" or "Mr. Greenjeans" So we just called him Fido. But since GTA SA cleared it up, people started calling him Claude, but some still call him Fido becuase the word Fido got super-glued in our brian.

    Nope, people called him Fido because Maria called him fido.

  2. I noticed *looks at his sig*... but anyways, how come you got like 50 names all over the community, lol...its like cam but instead of sites, its names

    You think you are so cool right? Making fun of someones past while acting like his friend on MSN. No.

    Please, never talk to me again.

  3. am i the only one here who has a good steady relationship?

    my girlfriend and i have been going out for almost 6 months now and everything is great, i really love her.

    anyways i hate homecoming so i won't be going to mine, i probably won't even go to prom unless i'm forced to.

    I was just with a girl for a year until we broke up.. I still love her though.

  4. I haven't done this..

    I am Cam. 13 years old. I grew up in Pennsylvania, and still living there. My dad left my mom at age 5 but meh, they are accutally friends n shitz. Ahh, I grew up with my mom, sister, and grandma. I started sports at 7. Baseball and Football. My grandma was my biggest supporter in sports. I never gave up thanks to her. My mom has been my biggest supporter in school. She is a principal so I best do good. I guess you could say I'm popular as I hang out with the popular group. I have had a good life so far. I did lose my biggest supporter this year which was my grandma. She died of cancer of the liver. I do know that she would be so mad if I gave up on sports. I play defensive end and right gaurd in football. I pitch and play shortstop in baseball. I normally hang out with friends with my free time and come on the internet. I am currently in 7th grade and I'm getting straight A's.

    Yeah, thats about it.

  5. No, that is just the truth I am saying by having a domain such as GTA-Forums.com . Same goes for the GTA-four.net / GTA-four.com domains. I mean when you see that, you will rather go to either gta4.net or gtafour.com. Oh and I won't call it a site... it is more like a forum board  :blink:

    No, some people would rather go to smaller sites/forums like mine because at GTAF, if you disagree with the staff on one thing, welcome to the ban group.

  6. Well anyway enjoy GTA-Forums. Maybe you should make it a forum board to people that get banned at the real GTAForums and then they can come and post again at GTAForums just with the hyphen in the middle.


    Why don't you go to hell? I see no reason to talk down about my site just because I use a similar domain. You are a jerk. An extremly out of line jerk. I don't talk about your site in a bad way. Maybe I should start?

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