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  1. Im guttered! I thought we were on to something
  2. _Rx7_

    You made a Air NZ plane!

    Good stuff.

    NZ REP

  3. Then why does it say gaming as one of the options?? It's called an edit. And Im called a noob
  4. Yeah, you have good ideas. GTA IV to me wasnt, Grand Theft Auto. It didnt feel like nor did it have the same things. Like you said. Nothing to spend money on. Guns, clothes, and for bribing otherwise it just sits there. I really do hope R* reads all this!!
  5. Well then, where would you have it?
  6. I wish i could skate! Skate park in my town is pretty much all druggies and drop outs. Great place.
  7. Anything that supports my sack
  8. Then why does it say gaming as one of the options??
  9. Wow, we have the same names, anyway im listening to Sexy Bitch - David Guetta Ft. Akon
  10. Happy Birthday!

  11. Same here, SA was by far the best
  12. A completely new San Andreas would be fantastic (with all the same cities and stuff just completely remodelled) or Vice City
  13. _Rx7_

    What style of game?

    GTA has so many possibility's! Its a game where they could make anything to be honest. I think you should start off in the middle say, giving you choice to up or down. Become a wealthy man, lots of houses, cars, etc. or poor, bad car, house... And have it really realistic, because face it, we play these games to a ) escape life! & b ) to do things that in real life we would never do or cant do. So if it was realistic then it would feel more like real life and would be more fun.
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