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  1. UGO.com - GRAND THEFT AUTO: VICE CITY STORIES HANDS-ON PREVIEW. Absolutely no new screenshots, but some new information. Enjoy.
  2. Oh no, of course it doesn't, memory changing would take a lot more effort then this.
  3. Or there's even a tutorial out I just released here yesterday telling you how to do it --> Here. Cheers'
  4. Depends on if you want to or not, this is of course just another solution that doesn't require you patching your game.
  5. Yeah, GTANet is going through some server changes, and Delfi's GTATools site is still down. It should be back up soon, he's moving his website and files to my site for the time being, and that should be ready soon.
  6. This was posted by me over at GTAForums here.
  7. Jared


    |-|-|-GTA3-|-|-| Radio stations - need logos system requirments - remove pointless link to take2 Done and Done. Radio Logos Specs: Not sure if you guys support tables on the main sites pages: [center][table][tr][th][u]Minimum Hardware Requirements[/u][/th][th][u]Recommended Hardware Requirements[/u][/th][/tr][tr][td][LIST] [*]450 MHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor [*]96 MB of RAM [*]4X speed CD/DVD drive [*]700 MB of free disk space [*]16 MB video card with DirectX 8.1 compatibility drives [*]DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card [*]Keyboard [*]Mouse [*]DirectX 8.1 [/LIST][/td][td][LIST] [*]700 MHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor [*]128 MB of RAM [*]8X speed CD/DVD drive [*]700 MB of free disk space [*]32 MB DirectX 8.1 hardware video card [*]DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card with surround sound [*]Keyboard [*]Mouse [*]Gamepad (USB or Joystick Port) [*]DirectX 8.1 [/LIST][/td][/tr][/table][/center] The reason it's in a table is because I made it for a thread at GTAForums, it's basically just a thread with all information about GTA3. I'm working on the weapons and vehicles info for GTA3 now as well. By the end it will have all information about GTA3. I've also got more in-depth information on the GTA3 radio stations if your wanting it too .
  8. Great topic. You would not belive how much is still in the main.scm as well. If only they had left behind some of the most important things, like part of the missions. Lots of other stuff can be unlocked through scripts and hacking. But the most wanted stuff, like the missions are no exsitant.
  9. He said that many times. But he said it alot of the time when you are in the middel of Pilot School. When you don't do tham for awhile Torreno calls you can tells you that you must do the missions, and CJ says "S*IT, MAN, S*IT!". Though your proberly not talking about him saying it them but either way, you need to be more detailed. He does say that line more than once.
  10. My Spammer Name is: Bergland S. Algeria, how may i piss you off today .
  11. Hey, GTARumble is coming along good. I think verison 2 was released the other day. I'm helping Jax do some memory hacking and sync for the next version. Should be cool.
  12. It was banned here in Australia for awhile, then re-released edited without some violence and sexual referances. Stupid government, has a fit about every little thing.
  13. It was a great joke. Tricked alot of people Over at GTAForums we we're trying to unraval the mistery of why all of a sudden this site has poped up. And why on the 1st of April. Ah it was great fun. Great work guys.
  14. It's looking great, the blacks nice. Mabye a simalar look should be given to the forums too so the forums and main site looks simalar. Nice work though, i'm loving the new template.
  15. Jared


    I'm working on getting all the Radio Station Logos for all 3 Games. Shouldn't take long.
  16. Not a bad site, but you should think about buying a domain if you want it to go Public. People don't usually visit sites with log URL's like you have at the moment. Also, theres another GTA Site already called GTA Community. But it's not open yet, so you might want to re-think the name as well. But it's up to you. Good luck with the site
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