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    Chinatown Wars headed to the PSP

    Hmm. I'm more interested in how they're planning to incorporate the size of chinatown Wars, on the DS, wasn't it all of Liberty City? for them to do that on a PSP would be a formidable task, they could barely do it with vcs and lcs.
  2. Bloody long weekend if it lasts 9 days.. Kinda sucks for everyone who's not in the US, too.
  3. xPyrox

    Can my PC run GTA IV?

    First of all, I don't intend on playing GTAIV on my laptop. Not yet anyway. I just wondered if my laptop'd be able to play it.. Amd Turion 64 x 2 mobile technology TL-52 (2 Cpu's) 1.6Ghz 1918 Ram Vista NVIDIA Geforce Go 6150 Tis a piece of crap really && Yes I've seen the ghz. I just wonder if it'll be able to run it at all.. o_O' and how to make it BETARRR
  4. xPyrox

    New GTAIV Screenshot at EvilAvatar

    Thats what got me wondering in the first place.. .. add to the fact that its from a "unkown" gaming website says to me that it could be a fake. would be fairly easy to make a fake like that. previous to the list i gave up there^^.. there are a few other questions that could make it to be gta 4. 1. the train has a window that you can see into which san andreas as far as i'm aware didnt but they do in gta 4. 2. the tred on the tyres of the sanchez is different from the tred in san andreas isnt it? ( although i didnt normally look at the tyres) 3. if it is gta 4 , it would make sense for the below average for gta 4 in terms of resolution or graphics because lets face it, its in a tunnel and the chances if you were even looking to find that exact same grafitti spot would be like 1 in 1000 or something. so why would rockstar put a lot of effort into something thats 95% of the time never seen? 4. the fact that niko is leaning in the other direction while the bike is turning to balance himself. 5. the helmet has a see through visor. all those like i said could be faked easily but yeah , what do you think? Looking at, I'd say it was a fake.. I mean, from the overall looks, yeah it COULD Be.. But like.. from playability. Who the hell could get that close to a train in that much space? It would be damn near impossible, gta's always made it a bit harder than that. Also, I have to admit, looking at the grafietti, it wasnt done well, the graffiti was layered UNDER the lines, look at the top layer. I dont think Rockstar could make either of these mistakes, I 'unno. I think its a fake.
  5. xPyrox

    New GTAIV Screenshot at EvilAvatar

    Thats what got me wondering in the first place..
  6. xPyrox

    New GTAIV Screenshot at EvilAvatar

    I have to admit, that picture doesnt look quite right to me.. Something about it that just makes me wonder.
  7. xPyrox


    ahh man that would be so cool! that would be cooler! maybe something in the paper like sniper accident mysteriously changes the size of the moon. it would be cool if the "wherent suppose to get here" and "hello again" message continued with something like "this isnt really that ammusing anymore. you have total access to this place now" Speaking of sniper. Sniping the moon easter egg again! =D hmm... maybe a spider man that swings around trying to get you when you reach 6 stars and hold it for a while? maybe when you go inside a house and upstairs to get a good position to snipe someone during a mission you can hear sex sounds for the room beside you putting you off the sniping? HAha xD Anyone ever seen coyote ugly? Maybe when you go to a club you can go in at a certain time of night to find a bunch of coyotes striping on a bar? LOL
  8. xPyrox

    I feel there will be snow

    Only the PSP version. Damn that sucks, i only have the ps2 version but why did they remove it on the PS2 version? because you need a psp cheat device to make it snow. they didnt want to put it in a ps2 cheat device. You needed to get to level 9 on the selling car missions, not use the PSP cheat device (Even though that was easier. <3 Edisioncarter) Snow would rock. As for the piling up? It would be like a mix of water and mud just made slipier, not that difficult. As for the piling up, it's like body pyshics in like Rainbow six, they all pile up when they go down, not that difficult if they can do it. noises? Easy. Just another set of noises set on a variable. Steam from peoples mouths? Doesn't it already do that?
  9. xPyrox

    PHP Script? WTF

    Haha download it and get all the lovely PHP from the index =D
  10. xPyrox


    In the shop thing, it says quiz's. how the hell do I take part in them? I can't click anywhere.. so meh..?
  11. xPyrox

    Grand Theft Auto IV: Norfolk County

    Yeah, and maybe they'll let us go to church and put money on the donating plate :-o
  12. xPyrox

    Guess whose Birthday it is

    late happy birthday? =D
  13. Well, what do you think, good idea or bad idea... I think it's a ok idea, I love vice city, but I really want a new city,. But then again if they gave you a new city you'd want it bigger and to come out on PS3/PS2 to be better... so maybe Vice City Stories would be good just for PSP...?
  14. xPyrox

    'sup Guys

    O rly Ya rly -Owned.-
  15. xPyrox

    Radio Station by me

    Emo or rock music. And I'd love to help, i've got a okish mic... But can you put it on some sort of music thing because I don't have SA for PC.
  16. xPyrox

    Your GTA4 location ideas

    It should be in devon, in the UK. Grassy, muddy, rainy, lots of people to kill, lots of old people to kill...
  17. xPyrox

    Whos your favourite character

    Tommy vercetti is the coolest. He just rocks. C'mon a physcho who's rich, kills people and has a sick sence of humor
  18. xPyrox

    New Stores

    Yeah, but have like one or two garages that are like that and a Driver 4 style thing (Where if your car explodes and you go back to your garage you pay and it gets fixed.) Imagine havin' a seriously pimped ride with bullet poof wheels and tinted windscreen.
  19. Lmao, not really, but can people post their fake pics of all the Paranormal things in here.... my friend keeps trying to convince me he was killed by leatherface and I just want to see all the pictures so post away... Here's some of mine O_O;;; Lmao, Pigsy and godzilla
  20. xPyrox

    Paranormal Crap.

    Lmao, we believe in bigfoot, right? Godzilla pic is cool...... Insanely stupid but cool.......
  21. xPyrox


    You try banging up a vortex.
  22. xPyrox

    Paranormal Crap.

    Lmao, I coulden't make a fake pic if my life depended on it.. Lol, and I doubt he got banned for all forums. And how can some admins on forums ban someone from playing a game? I only wanted to see other peoples fake pictures
  23. xPyrox


    Yeah, it's on that beach in the small town up near the gant bridge in the top left of the map, and first time I ever saw them -Is walking through the forest looking for bigfoot.- -Car rolls down hill as CJ turns.- SHITTTT1!!2!111 -Pyro falls of chair and CJ get's run over.-
  24. xPyrox

    the second gta for psp

    GTA london is as good as confirmed for PS3.. so many rumers and so many people wanting it.. it they put it on PSP it would be crap, that's ment to be some kinda game like the getaway coming out for PSP anyway, it's called "gangs of london" I think... It's in the UK official game mag.. April or March copy.
  25. xPyrox

    'sup Guys

    I'm sure you'll fit in, these dudes rock