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  1. my aunties car who lives in america is a ferrari F50 but she wont send me a pic for some reason
  2. tell him that you want to ditch him unless he picks up his act lol
  3. those are some of the freakiest car names around
  4. buggatti veyron was the the ultimate car of the decade!!! now just say which cars you want and like
  5. the winning film was there will be blood
  6. if anybody can play an instrument then post what you play. i personaly play the electric and acoustic guitar. (at the minute i play a red 69' gibson sg which ive had since it came out!!)
  7. that was made BEFORE the year 2000 so put put a shelby gt500 im gonna give a couple more days voting time!!!!!! IM GOING TO GIVE 2 MORE DAYS OF VOTING
  8. ive always wanted a lamborghini murcilago but these things are just to expensive.....
  9. all of them ive watched and love them aswell
  10. Thanks for telling me I makes it alot easyer to choose!
  11. i have tried what you said but now it says i cant save in that Directory. do you now why this is and if so what should i do :0
  12. Happy 2010 to all the people in the uk and every where else I'll post again at midnight
  13. I agree with some of the films, others I have never heard of! Also you can now add films releasing in 2010:) in the end it's up to your votes, so carry on listing those great films that made the decade great!! I have also decided to reveal the winning film on the 5th of January to alow a couple more days voting time !
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