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  1. Digging out old hardware, testing equipment, I got through early cutscene on the tried and true Xbox 360 version GTA 4

    Sadly it froze up, definitely unexpectedly, I did the most ill-advised move- pick up the Xbox unit itself and hold it at different angles to help the laser diode if sticking, however, the disc physically scraped internally, ruining it for good... So  avoid that move at all costs, it's best to eject the disc and try again.


    Now there's another challenge, where to get a replacement disc. George Floyd 2020 riots with police and protestors burned many businesses in Minneapolis, and in my locale, so there's far fewer resources, and the brick and mortar stores aren't around like they used to be, one great option is Goodwill Easterseals Thrift stores, or pawn shops however

  2. Well RockstarGames probably offer legit tips when it is, by nature; legit hardware and software issues. 


    I would try there as well

    I am planning a Playstation 5 like so many in advance of GTA6

    Playstation Network & GTA-Online as well, been not taking part for over more than a year, and already there's speculation over longevity been expressed because the servers and servicers by extension, have to be living and breathing people / entities, and by extension, not operated in perpetuity

  3. While I dug up the PC version for older laptops etc, I found I'd still much prefer a controller and using the defaults, the mouse for camera and keys for movement just makes you wish they all had modern improvements which is why Rockstar is probably revisiting well known USA territories 


    While I plan to look back into controller capability, the good olde Paddle option of gamings' yesteryear.

    There was an EZ solution hardware-wise devised for owners of Playstation 2 controller adapted via USB where a driver is also available, to my knowledge.

    Just hope to find it again, long lost

    one maker came up with a mini joystick that fits over conventional  QWERTY arrow keys as well, this can be helpful when it stays in place!

  4. Just as a tech-aside; The VHS JVC VCR already had a footing, but every year, Sony out-did them with new Technology offerings, in the Betamax video tape realm

    Just to point out to y'all too young, whippesnappers... 1984 being 40 years in the not too distant past, marks a notable upgrade for VCR owners and buyers

    First VHS Video Home System by Victor Company of Japan debuted

    HR-D725U VCR model marked the first VHS Hi-Fi Stereo, linear stereo Video machine from the founding company

    I can attest, having owned two, NEC made the second one I picked up, rare and rarer still today, but NEC branded what JVC initially designed, a super high fidelity Audio system that the ads say rivaled all the other equipment of the day, if not outperformed it!

    A blocky remote, wireless even then... came with, unique to that was separate On and OFF buttons. A feature of early new tech decks of this type, are that linear tracking STEREO 2-channels still existed on machines because previous media aka tapes, did not have HiFi instantly available

    Another key feature of these era machines is that they included TWIN  MIC as in Microphone inputs, Left and Right instead of a combo. A Headphone Jack, L/R meters and Level  adjust,

    the ability to Audio Dub onto already recorded tape, a new linear stereo track, or two discrete single channels, while Hi-Fi was Depth-Multiplexed into the Helical scan video signal part of the tape, hence, these made excellent audio tape machines, as did LaserDisc for CDs that got scratched and beat up, the LaserDisc could play them in later years better than stand-alones

  5. Not sure the best place for this post but I'm going YouTube crazy with more than just a 10th Ann run-thru with Ned Luke and occasional GTAO stuff, but checking out all the Rockstar Games Voice Actor YT stuff I never knew about for some reason. Lots of it starts with gaming and TV Movie Conventions , few of which, ever held around where I live

    Actors voicing Red Dead Redemption and GTA have popped up in the past 2-10 years and obviously with GTA6 now a bit less than hinted and leaked, it seems more interest daily

    Getting established with the gaming community mostly online, a Year ago, thereabouts, is Solo, voice actor Shawn who plays Franklin Clinton in GTA5,.

    I've not followed him before Ned made plenty of references about him and who is a voice talent that actually games, for their own personal fun [Trevor Philips' Steven Ogg does not, be forewarned]

    Anyway, turns out Solo asked and got permission for his own Server from Rockstar, on an established player platform called FiveM if memory's serving,,,


    Solo had to pre-empt a lot of his plans to do a GTA online experience of his own due to difficulty with the help... Anyone who's tried a non-GTAForums community on their own...hint, hint...

    They know this crap first hand

    Again, surprised in the first place Rockstar Games lets these voice-motion capture actors talk at length about the game, but that Solo is estute enough to want to take on the server operation for his own gaming, he tried other avenues expressly to that end, ... Like Twitch, but few people might be likely to go that route, so following Ned Luke's lead, he's setting up a system on YouTube to not only stream game fun segments along with Ned and Signing and giveaways of his own stuff, AWESOME!! BTW

    He's going to be showing segments of his personal life as well, and it's all very very cool!!

    Wish he could get Young Mayley of GTA San Andreas to stop in at some point, he's shown us his own dog, baring I think, a close resemblence to Chop!


  6. Just watched a fairly new retrospect on protagonist Niko of GTAIV and the comments going along with it, it differs from just going over the game and gives factual story of Niko's plight, with some Roman Bellic [Jason Zumwalt still rules too!] thrown in,

    The creator on YouTube analyses the War effects and details the War and what Niko had gone through leading up to the game, based around actual events. Photos punctuate the telling. Description of his likely role in the military and then filling out the narrative Rockstar present in Liberty City events, After viewing the twin scenarios as well, not giving too much away, but, probably most...

    You come away understanding there's probably a good arguments that aside from John Marston, you garner the most empathy for this GTA Protag


  7. I saved HotCoffee unlocker for the PC version only I assume for Playstation you're not so able to run a mod enhancer

    I thankfully got wise to saving an archive offline due to the volatility of the subject possible causing all  things not official, taken down from the Web... Easy access, I could pass it along to a new online source if I was adept at such things, it's just one file rather than 3. No experience using it and my San Andreas disc has gone missing, Vice and GTA3 are stashed somewhere ... no they can't be permanently lost.

    Maybe this forum's attach option would suffice??

    OK, looking back, I got bent for the rent or something in 2014, must have been all that GTAF banning made me nuts and I brought some steam over here, it's 'cas[ual]'

    What I haven't heard of is GTA4 Hot Coffee other than official in-game reference, Patrick W mentioned previously unearthed the original ORIGINAL modification or code that they wrote and didn't fully delete when pulled from the release GTA San Andreas.

    Any Mini game as it was referred to, not so much a game, really, for GTA4 regarding Niko Bellic, I take it... I still didn't hear about so on that count, ya got me

  8. Not a lot going on here despite mountains moving in Rockstar Games land!!  ..   hopefully you guys get back here soon, I can't be the only one stuck in offline Limbo for so long!

    That said and out of the way...  I do YouTube all the time and thanks in part to Stay in place, self isolation of the WW Pandemic, lots of public engagements got shelved and celebs wound up taking the time to interact with fans on Social Media instead of touring year and month after month... So it happened around the same time the GTA6 news drops, I see Ned Luke is out there interacting as well, he's live streaming with Solo who plays Franklin Clinton as well as talking to the voice of RDR so I hear, but didn't witness...

    Along with Ned Luke doing can't miss Live Streaming...it's recorded for review thankfully... There's been the unofficial leaks and not long before or during, Rockstar official staff out talking about GTA despite their NDA... Non Disclosure Agreements. Thankfully no one got arrested there, but the news got out in trickles, What happens behind closed doors at Rockstar North


    the GTA6 trailer is being analyzed as well so presentation of what people are seeing and taking away are up for open discussions

    Most exciting is leaving a Thank You to Ned Luke on his page, and a shout out for the Love we have of their contribution to video game HISTORY!!

  9. a VERY recent YouTube video... 2023, explores the Rockstar Games retro title that got forgot...


    As my memory fails, I seem to attribute this game to the info that Gameboy Advance system programmers were hired to do GTA Mobile platform titles; the Story Series LC and VC

    the YouTuber is just a fan gamer, but points out ChinaTown Wars enters it's 14 years out on the market... can you find physical copies?? HaHa

    BTW Admin; where is the right place for CTW discussion... I don't even remember ....so long ago

  10. a 2 year old YouTube fan effort popped up on my radar, leading to other suggestions exploring beyond cut-scene narrative, but attempts time line backstory narrative from an attentive and effected, intrigued gamer

    See below;


    Thoughts on Roman's brother... besides ability at darts, drinking, or bowling?

    Just kidding there... Roman is beloved too, for comic relief

  11. addendum, less spell check, but even without GTA5 as a guideline, I thought GTA should have any number of playable characters, man, women, old, young....but not too....

    animals as you'll also recall, showed up in GTA5 already, if you found and ate a ''shroom'' you'll know of whence I speak. Just ignore the above ''just'' it was a typo of sorts, the idea didn't just occur to me as it implies. The Woke reference is that GTA is supposedly employing Woke-ness... I say No Way, on that front!

  12. I never utter words like Cancel Culture or Woke [agenda] as a life-long US resident, it only seemed to circle the police indifference in the past 5 years perhaps??

    I bring the subject up ONLY because it made the legit ''news'' discussions exploring Social Media response to the official RockstarGames GTA VI

    WTH PPL? A respectable news outlet decided there was dignity in a response, putting up perhaps an example of 'Click-bait'

    I read over their highlighted new, and Improved Twitter-Elon Musk scented X scribes

    I doubt they... the crusaders of what is Woke, can tell us ''newbs'' what it means, it sounds like Woke might describe those fresh off the proverbial turnip-truck

    As the saying used to go....oh, right... before your time Haha

    the gist appears to be summed up in a new fervor of attack...maybe it's Cyber-bullying of sorts, to create a non-existent argument for Politically Correct gaming long over-due, apparently...

    But there appeared a complaint in there about being subject to a female protagonist! OMG... Stop the Presses!!!

    I, myself, just wagered on the GTA series future game idea of playing as woman, and like RDR now, before it, can garner more women actually playing the more predominantly male-orientated crime franchise... any, really

  13. Sam Houser, I read, was staying much more out of the limelight these days

    Besides anonymous leaks, the Pandemic brought a lot more celebrity Podcasts to the YouTube venue, and one ex-employee started a blog to talk GTA and his experience on it, Rockstar didn't formally take action but he heard they weren't too happy via mutual friends, and pulled his Blog down, damn shame really

    If you're a die-hard, you'll remember EDGE magazine discussing GTA4 like no one else had or has

  14. Besides a cool Metallica Killing Joke cover, or SNL Bears football sketch [Da Bears??] We have to steel ourselves for a long wait

    I suspected a drop in a year, not two!  ... so hopefully not that long into Decade No2

    GTA6 trailer was referred to beforehand as a teaser, then I read it was 90 seconds long, much better than expected!

    Lots to ponder, look over, analyze  ... The Hype made it to BBC World News 'crawl' on local PBS Weather channel!!

    their minor headline said; ''breaking down the trailer, in 97 seconds'', something like that

    I wager it's on their website but didn't check it out... yet

    Grand Theft reports I have seen touch on Jason, male lead I believe, along with Lucia

    Perhaps you saw one site saying fans think there's a Red Dead Redemption connection there! I rather doubt that , but what springs to mind is 'Jason' from GTA4 side plot for Lost & the Damned... He was definitely a stand out character for the storyline, time lines being a modern setting, rather then 1911 time frame in American history, a connection like interconnected businesses and locations across the fictionalized USA Rockstar is still mining, I do expect some 'in-joke' type connections somewhere

    As an aside; another report on Take 2 mentioned Streuss Zelnick commenting on an idea he thinks gamers should pay more for the same game based on more hours entertainment they get out of it, but that seems flawed off the bat

    GTA-Online over 10 plus years, with RDR-O and any other Multi-player online model costs more right off the bat, it ain't free Lifetime Service!

  15. This could go under GTA 6 heading as I think we'll all be focused on that upcoming [mis]Adventure, but I decided to put it in Gen Disc...

    Graphics are a hot topic when you consider we are now in a new era of Forced Obsolescence

    The Consoles in particular that we buy ether for Network and spec advantage, or killer apps;

    We're now forced to 'bin' to put it one way... all old computers and consoles in 2023

    How could that be, it's rather well known Rockstar announced GTA Six will only work on Microsoft Xbox latest 'boxes', and Playstation 5 alone, no PC mentioned... go figure

    However, for PCs you might require....might.... a little something called API Direct X

    Gaming graphics under control of a latest, greatest Windows OS, at the moment, still Windoze 11, but Microsoft, who ties in DX12 etc, has decided TPM, or built in protections should be better regulated under Intel motherboards.

    This news came out just in the past year but it means that anything older then 2018 and even 018 Technology , might just be deemed too old and risky to support going forward.

    Thankfully I got a platform from 2020 but it's essentially entry level Win11

    Gaming on PC with 2019 requirements or better, will be a costly proposition

    More to the new trailer 'take-aways', I feel the graphics I'm seeing are rather removed from both RDR & RDR 2

    They just don't scream anything above and beyond PS4 [Sony] capabilities as far as environments and peds, however... new console spec can definitely assist the large Scale expected

    New locations in one game can be interiors, underwater, caves, under buildings, and travel-to locations by airport or other...


  16. Hey all, just to say this 55 plus year old kid, back to feeling 10 years younger with GTA Six now officially 'dropped' despite so much unexpected hacker leaks.

    I missed seeing virtually all leaks, but caught the response.

    Now 10 years on, 5 years of solid Red Dead Redemption as well, time to compare what is at least a cut-scene movie likely to be a bit different come 2025 [fall???] but hopeful end result to real world, hands-on environment game play.... my example here is AI dramatization of a police chase on foot of a 'perp' in GTA5 that virtually doesn't happen in-game.

    I played GTA, RDR, Uncharted almost exclusively... pretty much the only games holding my attention, and one franchise appears over, forever... sadly

    Sony-Naughty Dog's Uncharted, so fun and well crafted, can't help but be sad for.

    GTA6 trailer, on the other hand, brings to mind, dodging deadly animal attacks in urban sunny setting, not unlike RDR2 and having GTA San An type riotous gangs of motorized miscreants

  17. I thought I better see about some REAL PPL updates here on the friendliest, most inactive gaming site in the World, and yes, I'm still alive, and not plagued by the Virus ... Just reporting via laptop in the park here, that I'm avoiding cabin fever I don't normally have by just getting away from my truly obnoxious neighbor who is also a Stay at home-body, seems he nearly never goes out, and his mom or main came over to vacuum! ARGH, terrible racket he makes from time to time, but both hands on the controller, firmly in-the-game, I've spent more time concentrating on missions in GTA5 than I ever have, Without much of any cheating, and a misplaced Brady guide I know I bought for the game, I've been infinitely exploring the game's virtual avenues of you will.

    It's been too long since I contributed, and Stay At Home virus mandates around the world did cause an actual spike in online gaming, making the news. So... What aspect of your gaming life changed recently? Comment for God's sake, people, don't leave this site home to the bots and mindless spambots.. I don't commune with them, EVER! haha

    GTA5 is still a breath of fresh air if you took the long way around in playing straight through ie. taking the scenic route. Trying out-of-mission chaos and run and hide, attack tactics, which help in the slower police response you tend to get in the actual missions... I find it strange, the same number of Wanted level stars, and yet the police response hindering progress is tangibly lightened, make no mistake, I'm not lodging a complaint. Missions can still be hectic, but fast and proficient gamers can likely be bored by the lack of frenzy at times.

    GTA5 having fair to total involvement of brother developer Dan Houser, no mentioned as retiring in a way... along with earlier leaving of Les (Leslie) Benzies... writing, elements, voiced characters will all take a creative hit in future games, how do you think we might notice their deficiencies? How do you think the gaming plot and dialog holds up over these now seemingly many years?? I find it refreshing that it cracks me up to no end, the dysfunction leveled on poor Michael Townley aka DeSanta from his own f'd up family, and Trevor's involvement, his hell bent destructive nature while just looking for a mate, it seems, or some love from...well, anybody! hahaha

  18. I mentioned in the CTW thread I got iPods dirt cheap at a thrift store in Minnesota called Savers, Don't know how wide spread the chain is, but they're usually better then the Goodwills in town.

    Also a non profit called Freegeek turned around donated Apple iPads, just first and second gens so far, but dirt cheap as noted above. The most I paid was my first Apple iPad from Savers for $80 bucks, turns out that's eBay's price as well, so no real steal there.

     Thanks to buying GTA3 for iPod Touch and having it work on 4th gen spec, I used my account on the first 2nd gen IPad I bought, white with the camera built in and IIRC 16GB of memory versus 32GB for the Ipod Touch. Anywho, it downloaded easily to the more powerful, newer iPad 2nd gen with bigger screen and more power to show off the ware.

    I will say that it's a quirky control scheme, but you can adapt, and it's neat it's so easy to use and DL was valid for both Apple product thanks to iTunes working favorably this time (versus the usual complaints about the proprietary system)

  19. I've still to buy a working PSP Vita, but I did get Apple iPad 1 and 2 the past year or so, and several IPOD Touch 4th gens, however, they did a sweeping change from 256MB internal operating Memory to 512MB and A4 to A5 processors as I understand it, thus the iOS updates and subsequent iTunes iStore compatibility are in turn effected.

    I do so hope again hope that Rockstar have a future plan to save Sony PS Vita, I'll keep advocating for the system!!

  20. Just my current musing shared here,. to add to the long drought of being away, my wish as I keep playing the old GTAs, etc. Is for some more thought of Rockstar adding DLC for single player, it seems with the goofy Hot Wheels tracks in GTAOnline and  everything else breaking away from traditional GTA into Saint's Row territory has lost most of my interest in what makes GTA and Rockstar more unique. 

    They are playing favorites when they try any favorable scheme, however, not against another Zombie spinoff for RDR2, however, it seems to me there is a strong horror reality vibe of sorts, and some SciFi leanings in it already.

    GTA as you know, as reality based as that series is, played to the idea of something 'Other-worldly'. The reason for this post is about lacking Single Player substance threat continuing despite the promise of more console power and ever increasing memory and storage. To me, Rockstar do spend the most, or brunt of their time at least, making a map to play in, thusly it can't have usable exploits based around the amount of missions in it's entirety, but one thought did occur to me for DLC, just as SIngle player mode had expanded with more music and cars-vehicles, Why not add new character NPCs to task missions in new locations left unexploited originally? For SP specifically

  21. I'm still alive and over 52 years of age now, as old as some of my heroes it seems, People I respected are usually older than I am, and a lot of the celeb heroes are dying the past few years. I'm alarmed, but my mission is to carry the flag for what they represented as long as I can. GTA and RDR don't often get the top game accolades by the general gaming press, but we know better. I'm back playing GTA5 in fact, and will soon the older games, in the fact that GTA4 celebrated it's 10th anniversary to nary any fanfare. I hope the forum stays up, GTAForums is at times too crowded and active for more one on one, family vibe. And the haters are still there as I've seen. Don't want to provoke more ire

  22. I'm starting a new thread given the extremely lax community here, including the managers and agents of TGTAP.

    I've been away only out of respect for the slow nature of this forum versus the other MAJOR GTA forum we shall not name anymore.

    I was a long vocal member of the other GTA forum but you just can't be as online all the time Twitter and Facebook wise here sadly. I wish you guys would step up your 'online game'

    Not just be a supporter, but practitioner .

    OK, rant outta the way, this is a late breaking Rockstar news report not coming from SLOW Rockstar itself, still spending mucho time promoting GTA5 Online, my guess 3 years in is it will sooner or later take a backseat to a new game online, GTA6 and or RDR2 [3]

    Here's what's not said, had the game come out, it would be a rare Rockstar entry into the first 3rd party developers' support for the newest platform, and best yet; Xbox One X formerly known as Scorpio



  23. Very sad to hear of the nearly 90 year old Sir Roger Moore passing away, since I've been gone we've also lost Allman Brother founder Gregg Allman and others. Sir Roger Moore was Commander Bond when I started going to see the most successful cinema series in history. He was a favorite not only in the role but as other parts he played in his illustrious career.

    Near on 10 years ago, Sir Sean Connery was asked about reprising his role in a 4th (at the time) Indiana Jones, and he said he was having 'just too much damn fun being retired'!

    Keep in mind, Sean Connery, the seemingly older then the rest of the Bonds is nearly as old as Roger Moore was so we wish him the best of health, and yes, do something for the public if even a cameo, we love their winning charismatic charm on the big screen. Sorely missed already.


  24. Grand Theft Auto 5 online updated this Tuesday without fanfare from this site, I've been Absent off playing with tech toys BTW, but Chris and the Mods here MUST be slippin'

    The landing page Updated with Rockstar New News is lagging seriously behind Rockstar's own Newswire.

    I get a text from Trip Mills saying that Red Dead Redemption is delayed until next year, Why am I not surprised?? Well, it seems Rockstar do bite off more then they can chew, but video gaming as a whole is better off for it. Just saying Trip was pretty upset. 

    Imagine the work needed for fleshing out just the AI and landscape, add in the story and characters, dialog... sans much music compared to GTA! You have 3 years of development on average, more then a lot of other studio's games.

    Not by much though, with today's gaming horsepower. While I'm on about RDR2 as an aside, the delay could mean more tayloring for the forthcoming Scorpio Xbox system

    GTAOnline had a massive update for ...as it seems, only PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Leaving out the older console versions, this is sad, but I think it's the step toward future fulfillment of the system tech heavy requirements to keep adding and fleshing out detail. Again though, online mode seems ever increasingly over-crowded compared to the bare-bones single player side of things. I was and am, always hoping they'll add in some offline extras in the mean-time. I believe GTAOnline does serve not only as promo add in life for the franchise's last gen offering, but also a way for developers at Rockstar to embellish with programming in real time, and hopefully that aids all the games going forward


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