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  1. well looking forward to this coming out. if you need a northern irish voice-over-dude gimme a shout
  2. i've allways said about a drifting ring on SA, count me in, just need to know hoe to set it up
  3. tried both and still no luck
  4. no, same problem, also just found that in one of zero's missons with the chopper and car, i can't get the magnet to pick up the barrels
  5. playing sa on the pc last night, i got to the 2nd last mission, los despirados (SP). The start of the mission requires you to get a few crew members to help out, but i can't. for some reason when i try to recuit a gang member they don't join up or follow. There is no "gang strength" meter at the top of the screen either. Why is this happining??? recently i downgraded from v2 so i can add the following mods... BMW M5 - sultan, Mazda RX7 - zr350 and linerrunner mod. aswell as this i'm using the GTA SA +113 trainer v1.4 would any of the modifications i've made contribute to the problem i'm having? thanks in advance
  6. i've heard of downgrading by using a program. do you know where i can get this "downgrader"?
  7. not bigfoot, but jason. i have seen him on a mates verson of sa, but to this day i've never been able to find him. he does exist! wtf, 3 quess's what age i am too :shock:
  8. cool man cheers. i only got sa for the pc the other day and i never knew of all these "easter eggs" so i'm going about trying to find them all. and for yous who havent seen the ghost writing in the cemetary...
  9. found an image of the chainsaw guy
  10. i didn't say the vibrator was a glitch, i just mensioned it was around that are also
  11. how can you use saved games with v2?
  12. not sure if you guys no about this or not, but i just discovered this there now... - Drive to bayside and get a hooker - drive and park the car on the beach, making sure to park in the cove bit where the body armour is - wait untill they finish - get out of the car after the hooker, she will then continue to walk into the water and drown pretty weird huh?!? while your there, you'll also find the strange coloured rusty dildo round the corner behind a skip...
  13. i enjoyed that, if you do make another, i would advise to make the language a bit more adult, rather than "LOL" and "tee he he" etc.
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