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  1. Don't you know what "Cala Boca Galvão" means? Take a look at


    What the f*ck did you think?:pissedred: I'm the only who can make impossible questions :P. Whatever, is it the snapshot at Gant Bridge? Just guessing xD.

    Whatever, let's go to the question...

    [T/F]the West Coast Talk Radio is owned by Ammu-Nation.

  2. Of course I am supporting Brazil, I don't like soccer THAT much, but in the World Cup the country literally stops to watch the Brazil games... Let's go to the 6th win!

    Althrough I don't think Brazil'll go too far with that shitty team Dunga got...

  3. It lets you enter the black hell I think...

    Well, I can't believe no one here watched "The Introduction" :weird:, anyway, according to Mike Toreno in it, Smoke's gonna buy about 100kg per month.

    Toreno: "I think I got us a buyer down in Los Santos."

    Mendez: "Por quanto, holmes? How much?"

    Toreno: "Not sure, yet. But they're talking big. Up to a hundred

    K's a month, low risk."

    Anyway, I'll ask again!

    Q: What's the name of Cluckin' Bell's mascot?

    A) Cock a Doodle

    B) Cluck Norris

    C)Joe the Cluck

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