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  1. A: Coconut It's Millie, the perverted croupier.

    It's so hard to think on a question... I think I'll sing for a while...

    "Mother! Tell you children not to walk my way..." lol! Just got an idea for what to ask!

    Q: In what radio station is this^ song played at?

    HINT: It's between Playback FM and User Track Station (or WCTR, on the consoles)

    I think that hint just gave you the answer! xD

    If you can read this without selecting, then you can read anything lol

  2. SV, there's one year that I'm here, and I've never seen any spam here :)

    A: He means the Beta one. I don't remember the name, but it's one that you have to get a car in the LSPD Compound Lot, isn't it?

    And the W. is from his real name, which is William.

    Q: What was the reason for the Los Santos Riots?

  3. uote

    Connecting to server...

    Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

    You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

    You: Oi


    Stranger: Eaw

    Stranger: Td certo?

    You: Que?

    Stranger: Ronaldo

    Stranger: Ronaldo

    Stranger: Ronalo

    Stranger: Ili bilia muitus

    You: Eric?

    Stranger: nus curintiahns

    Stranger: O ADRIANO?

    Stranger: TA ME OUVINDO?

    You: Si

    You: Si!!

    Stranger: OOOOOOOO ADRIANO TA ME OVINDO?????????????


    You: Que?

    Stranger: És mexicano?

    You: Bodraves

    You: Na Na

    You: Espaniole

    You: Me don't no much english

    You: Oi?

    You: Seniore

    Stranger: Soy Brasileno

    Stranger: No hablo espanol

    Stranger: Pero posso tentar

    You: Si

    Stranger: És mujer?

    You: Que esto es?

    Stranger: Mujer,

    You: Que?

    Stranger: Eres Hombre, o Mujer?

    You: Si


    You: Seniore know tiny rat?

    You: with big hat?

    You: Seniore!!

    You: Seniore.. YAKAKAKAKA...?

    Your conversational partner has disconnected.

    That was some kind of meme here in Brazil, created by a tv program and spread around the web.

  4. No, you can find it sometimes (chances are 1:100000000000 lol) in the "rich" areas from the game. lso, you can get it in one of the SF races, and also try to steal Big Poppa's car.

    And also, I don't use Google here, I use the GTWiki xD

    [T/F] Tommy "The Nightmare" Smith is voice by W. Axl Rose.

  5. that's a hard one... Lemme see:

    • The Hydra is a Jumpjet, based on a Harrier.
    • The BF injection is based on the Meyers Manx, so it isnt either.

    Here's the point:

    • The Vortex is a hovercraft, and isn't based in any specifical model.
    • The Tractor is a tractor (O RLY? I thought it was a spaceship ¬¬'), also not based in any model.

    So... I think I'll bet on the Vortex.

    [T/F] The game considers the Vortex to be a boat.

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