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  1. May I make a sugestion? Run. Kill Gabe Probly will. I just wonder how long will R*'s servers be working on that day, before they go down due to the traffic...
  2. You gotta a problem with Brits? Chris is British, pal. He is just complaining that he's in the Restricted group now. Btw, what's the difference between restricted users and normal ones (apart from the fact that they can't like posts)?
  3. According to Wikipedia, Rockstar Games' HQ is in New York. But they have branches in many places of the world, such as Tokyo (R* Japan), UK (R* Leeds, North, Lincoln and London), Canada (R* Toronto and Vancouver), and the US itself (R* San Diego). Plus, they formerly had a studio in Austria (R* Vienna), but it was closed down in 2006.
  4. "Rockstar North Ltd. (formerly DMA Design Ltd.) is a British video game developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland, best known for creating the Grand Theft Auto and Lemmings franchises in its earlier guise as DMA."[source] He's got a point, Spaz
  5. But... hats are worth bout 3 refined, why eat it? Just give it to me
  6. Man, I haven't seen a topic active like this since... well, I've never seen a topic active like this, actually . Thanks, Rockstar!
  7. "Toto - Hold the Line"... This song made me like Rock N' Roll And "Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle"... because it is awesome
  8. It probly will. I read somewhere here a few time ago that this forum was at it's peak after IV's announcement, so I guess the same'll happen again.
  9. Marketing, obviously. They may even have completely finished the game, and might just be waiting, in order to create a lotta hype, just like Gaybe and EP3
  10. Nor can I! Anyways, just hope it is better optimised than IV, I have yet to meet someone who runs that game on max without lag...
  11. I feel like this place's gonna be active once again...
  12. Dammit... May I do the joke anyway?
  13. is addicted to killing the HHH.

  14. Does it count being a priest in San Andreas Co-Op mode? If it does, I am too
  15. PayPal also needs an International card. Anyways, my aunt has an Gold card (Visa or Master Card, don't remember), and she lends it to me whenever I need. Just that I'm broke right now, completely
  16. Yeah, but being a pilot is funny, and being a priest just for the money takes you to hell
  17. Okay, lemme comment your day: -I wonder what happened... -Nothing wrong about becoming a priest (sometimes I think about that too), I just hope you don't act in the church like you do here -Congratz. -Ahh... Mon petit chou-fleur EDIT: Btw, the girl I like DOES like me
  18. And I had to be completely broke right now... -.-' EDIT: btw, it is available here in Brazil, even though you need a international credit card to buy anything from Steam.
  19. Hey, I like girls okay? But the girls don't like me Anyways, didn't go to school today, subscribed myself to the IFET (the best public school you can find here) test, watched sum pr0n, slept the whole afternoon and now am gonna play some moar TF2
  20. My day was cool, actually. Talked the whole class, two Math exams (holy crap...), and the girl I love began talking to me again, after I screwed everything up. Now I'm going to finish off the day beating the crap outta those bots in TF2
  21. Agreed, TUN3R. I think Valve could easily keep Source for some more years if they could maintain it correctly
  22. Never had any problems with ALT+TAB. Probably because I play it on window mode
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