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  1. Okay, so purchased items in TF2 are tradeable now. Awesome :P

  2. I don't like playing online, mostly due to my shitty Internet connection, being the only person I know to own GTA IV, and not being good enough to play on public servers (I suck, actually)
  3. Happy birthday to him, even though I don't like rap...
  4. Nine days without my computer, and I've survived...

  5. He was with cancer, so I guess he died from it. That or it was really the 4S that made him suicide...
  6. Art thou infuriated, fraternal sibling?

  7. Guitar Hero, Medal of Honor, Sum Mafia game I forgot the name, and a racing one I also forgot
  8. Games. Actually, the only reasons I have a cell phone are to play games and listen to music. Never received one single call, don't care either
  9. The game dir is usually under "(Drive letter):\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTA San Andreas". Or something like that
  10. I have a shitty LG GT360, ain't that good but eletronics are freakin' expensive here.
  11. Samil: Fuck her. Me: That's what I'm trying to do, d'oh!

  12. I'm watching the first one right now... It's awesome!!! Good work, pal! I just hope the second one is as good as this one!!!
  13. Probably not, as CLEO does not change the "main.scm" file and therefore does not stop you from opening any savegames.
  14. I know what 110mb.com is. I was joking about goatse.cx, a shock site that is currently closed (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goatse.cx)
  15. Depends. If you own the game by any of the ways listed by Gerard (Steam, D2D or DVD), then I guess not. If you don't, then yes, it is illegal.
  16. If at least it was goatse.cx, it's one of the best websites out there. Too bad it was closed
  17. I don't play Horror games much, actually I've only played two of 'em: Resident Evil 2 and Left 4 Dead. Also, the only reason that makes me think L4D is scary is called "Hunter"...
  18. Man, I HATE Rock in Rio...

  19. I mind, I hated when I read that GTA IV would "reboot" the story...
  20. Indeed he might. Anyways, this WAS AWESOME. You are my hero, Spaz.
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