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  1. Ooooh okay. Next time I'll look at that dwarf in "A Home in the Hills" and say that he's 8 or 9 ¬¬'

    And, if you take a look at the first post, you'll see this:

    2. Don't spam or chat off topic here, the mods can actually ban you from the game or from the forum.

    Your post fits perfectly in that rule. Anyway, let's keep going:

    [T/F] All the weapons found in Ammu-Nation can be bought by the player.

  2. GLaDOS admits, during an interview: "The cake is not a lie" - she says - "The cake is a pie." More in page 4.

    Interview with Gordon Freeman, Claude and Link (page 5): The most memorable quotes: "...", by Freeman, "...", by Claude and "...", by Link.

  3. The ghost planes are not solid, as they pass can thru anything.

    And that was TRUE, there is a LF poster in Rodeo, along with a Madd Dogg one (and I guess there's one from OG Loc too), near the Candy Suxxx billboard.

    I guess it's true? He's only 28.

    Q: What's the name of Truth's Camper?

  4. Alright, let's do it:

    Economics: The Simoleon is high today, being worth US$5.00. If you're arriving from SimNation, hurry and exchange your simoleons into dollars before it falls again.

    Politics: The Combine have finally chosen the new Earth Administrator. His name is Gordon Frohman (Frohman, not Freeman) and he seemed very capable of continuing Wallace Breen's great job.

    Sports: Harry Cane, better known as "Horse-Cock Harry", was the winner of the 69th World Fucking Cup, held at Colosseum, in Rome . During his show, he fucked all the 80 women, the whole crowd watching the action, and also all the reporters who were reporting the event. Actually, Lazlow Jones, San News reporter who was there, was one of them, and now discovered that he is pregnant. Isn't that great?

    Cooking: A Jill sandwich is a zombie delicacy, prepared by crushing S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine (of Resident Evil fame) in a room with a slowly-descending ceiling. When Jill is reduced to a nice, squishy pulp, spread the resulting pulp between two slices of bread and enjoy a nice snack. It was created by sandwiches-expert Barry Burton, and is said to be video-game superstar Chris Redfield's favorite meal.

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