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    If you were given a chance to name the next GTA,

    THE INTERNET IS SERIOUS BUSINESS. Not my problem this forum is so inactive. Don't backseat mod.
  2. GTAGal

    If you were given a chance to name the next GTA,

    Grand Theft Auto V: Rio
  3. GTAGal

    will GTA chinatown wars be 3rd person on PSP

    Eh, the DS always wins. the PSP version was lower rated and sold less. I can't wait until Nintendo releases a handheld with the capabilities of a PSP.
  4. Yeah, I loved Chinatown Wars
  5. Is brand new to the forums. :)

  6. GTAGal

    Post your mugshots v3!

    Just some random pics
  7. GTAGal

    Sexual Preference

  8. GTAGal

    Introduce Yourself..

    Hi guys, new here. My favorite games are Chinatown Wars and San Andreas.
  9. GTAGal

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    All the cool features from Chinatown Wars like drug dealing. And the cool RPG/stat features from San Andreas they dropped
  10. GTAGal

    Next GTA Location

    I think it'll be in San Andreas or London... But anyone think Rio De Janero might be cool and exotic?