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  1. One more for the wishlist: You can kill, torture and dismember Jack Thompson
  2. you shut up? One more thing, Stop spamming. You've been posting the same thing over and over. If you people to actually read your post through, use proper grammer and punctuation.
  3. ...No. BTW: Learn to spell. I can't read half the words you type. Stop repeating yourself. Use punctuations. PLEASE use proper paragrahs...
  4. To expand on the building damage idea: The buildings wil ltake damage evertime something smashes into them. Some chunks of the buidling will fall off when there's enough damage. Fire can break out if something explodes in the building. If the buildings take enough damages, the collapse. A repair team will come and start rebuilding from the wreckage. Basically, it's like sticking a real building into the game with real world phyisics. Repair teams will require time ot repair the buildings. When you leave and come back later, the building will be parly finished. The repair team takes different time to rebuild, depending on the size of the structure.
  5. Not all Asians have accents. Only ones that learned english at an older age.
  6. Whay no Asian? the main character could be the leader of a Triad.
  7. -flippsd cars don't blow up -realistic damage -dismemberment -buildings can be damaged -better ped and cop AI -speedometer -ragdoll physics -When a cops catches you, he has to take you to the police station ot count as being busted. e.g.: The cop cuffs you and locks you in the car. You can kick at the door to open it and escape. -carry only 1 main wep, 1 sidearm and 1 melee weapon -guns do realistic damage -tanks die easier -body armor actually shows on the model -bigger map -more vehicles -gang wars involve a whole gang, not you vs 100 people -trains are destructible -you can shoot pilots in helicoptors -damage is shown on models e.g.: If you've been shot several times, you'll be bleeding and have bullet holes in you
  8. would be great if the GTA4 character was a mercenary/assassin. you get access to good weps right away.
  9. Ambulences GTA: gets to the injured person no matter what, even if it runs over 50 ppl on the way life:takes god damn ages to arrive cops GTA:Will chase you to hell and back. life:calls in reinforcements firing a weapon near a police station GTA: people will run away. life: 50 cops are on you before you can say "wtf" shotoing a car door with a pistol GTA:cars will eventually blow up. life: bullet holes
  10. Thank You! You can probably tell i suck a flying missions
  11. Alright, thanks anyways. Can anyone else help on this mission> it's getting annoying. I need a Hydra to catch up to that jet.
  12. Tried again. 4 times i couldn't get into the circle and the fifth time a crashed into the other plane.
  13. Alirght, thanks. meanwhile I'll try the mission again and hope the jet slows down.
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